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E commerce Outsourcing Services

Executive Boutique Call Center is a Philippines-based outsourcing center that helps e-commerce businesses and other industries we serve grow their business by taking on time-consuming and otherwise expensive tasks such as 24/7 customer support, data reporting, and market research.

If you’re ready to take your online retail business to the next level, explore the benefits of outsourcing some or all of your e-commerce business functions.

Outsourcing online customer service for e-commerce businesses

Ecommerce companies may benefit from outsourcing their customer service. Whether you’re just looking for help after hours or want to invest in a full-on contact center to manage multiple customer service platforms at any time of day, Executive Boutique Call Center is up to the challenge.

We have a team of educated, English-speaking customer care experts who are trained to provide excellent customer service across various platforms.

Because the cost of living is much lower in the Philippines, wages are also lower, making a full-service customer support team feasible for even the smallest of companies.

Types of ecommerce customer service support you can expect from Executive Boutique Call Center:

  • A traditional call center to take incoming and outgoing calls
  • Web chats to help customers with purchasing questions and to upsell or cross-sell  
  • Social media customer support
  • Replying to email inquiries, complaints, and more
  • Providing DIY customer support options for easily-solved issues
  • After-hours customer service

Other e-commerce services you can outsource

While outsourcing your customer service can be a no-brainer, it doesn’t have to stop there. Our call center is equipped with the staff and technology to take on many of the tasks involved with an ecommerce business. You can outsource a few functions or all of them, leaving you and your staff free to focus exclusively on core business decisions and growing ROI.

Other services your e-commerce business may want to outsource include:

  • Order tracking and fulfillment
  • Distributing customer surveys
  • Setting up secure, PCI-compliant payment portals
  • Designing, building, hosting, and maintaining your website
  • Marketing research
  • Collecting data and building custom reports
  • Managing loyalty programs
  • Generating new leads

Call Executive Boutique Call Center today to see what other services we may be able to offer your ecommerce business.

Benefits of e-commerce service outsourcing

E-commerce outsourcing helps you quickly scale up without the risk and stress of finding, hiring, and retaining talent. This can be especially beneficial for remote-based companies, solopreneurs, or companies who don’t wish to spend their resources building an expansive customer service team.

Large corporations can benefit from streamlining processes, outsourcing to a more affordable Philippine-based contact center, and freeing up their in-house staff to focus on the strategic portions of the business.

Some of the specific ways you will benefit by outsourcing some or all of your e-commerce functions are:

  • Save time and money. You don’t need to have a big budget and a lengthy timeline to grow your team. Instead, you can expand your team almost instantly by utilizing trained, affordable agents at Executive Boutique Call Center who specialize in the tasks you need to get done.
  • Gain access to the latest technology without the expensive investment. We are equipped with the latest technology that can take your e-commerce outfit to the next level.
  • Expecting an increase in business? Size up instantly. Whether you’re approaching the holidays, launching a new promotional campaign, or had a glitch in your system that you suspect will cause an influx of calls and complaints, you can instantly increase your customer support staff.
  • Have a trained staff without having to train. At Executive Boutique Call Center, our staff is our product. That means that we take the time to find, recruit, and retain top talent. All of our staff members are English-speaking, educated, and trained to specialize in specific functions for your e-commerce business. We also provide regular training to make sure our staff is experienced with the latest trends, technologies, and processes.

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If your goal is to take your eCommerce business to a new level, take the time to see what outsourcing can do for you. Call Executive Boutique today to learn more about other industries we serve and what we can do for you. In a no-obligation, free consultation, we’ll listen to your needs, identify opportunities, and suggest a customized plan that will fit your needs and your budget.  

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