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Healthcare Industry Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become a popular trend in the healthcare industry as companies seek to reduce costs while still providing clients with the highest level of service. Leading-edge healthcare outsourcing solutions offered by Executive Boutique can help your business re-allocate precious resources, provide unmatched hospitality to your clients, boost financial performance, and always stay HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare organizations that have taken advantage of flexible, cost-effective outsourcing services include:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent care centers
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Physician clinics
  • Therapy centers
  • Laboratory services
  • Medical transcription offices
  • Medical billing offices

In 2018 alone, third-party healthcare call centers generated $211.2 billion globally. By 2027, the figure is projected to skyrocket to $576 billion, according to a Business Wire report. Keep in mind this just pertains to the medical BPO sub-sector and not to call center outsourcing in general.

Healthcare businesses are outsourcing a wide variety of logistical needs, including:

  • Medical data entry
  • Medical transcription
  • Healthcare information management systems
  • Clinical research
  • Big Data
  • Medical billing
  • IT
  • Keeping patient data secure

See below for top healthcare BPO services provided by Philippines-based Executive Boutique:

24/7 Medical Answering Services

Our call center agents are available night and day, seven days a week. While we are based in the Philippines, we always have a team ready to take inbound patient calls regardless of time zone differences. Calls we handle include:

  • Appointment setups, cancellations, and postponements
  • Prescription renewals
  • Payment/financing inquiries

Complaints and Grievances

Our staff is trained to remain calm and composed when dealing with patient complaints and grievances. Complaints commonly address issues such as staff behavior, physician availability, quality of care, and perceived ethics violations. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, for example, saw its number of complaints increase from 677 in 2014 to 854 in 2018.

When you partner with Executive Boutique, our highly-skilled, experienced call agents will receive and manage customer grievances in a professional, polite manner, ensuring that the client knows that their voice has been heard and that their grievance is being properly attended to. Our agents make sure your business is HIPAA compliant every step of the way, and that patient privacy is never violated.

Physician Referral

If a client’s current physician is fully booked, our staff can facilitate appointment bookings with other available physicians. Patients requiring specialized treatment can be referred to a specialist within your facility or to a partnered clinic.

Outsource Medical Billing

There are many advantages to outsourcing medical billing. We offer a full range of billing support services and a secure way for patients to make payments online. We can also enroll patients in existing programs offered in your facility, such as deferred payment plans or automatic billing. We can also facilitate all transactions and logistical communication with the patient’s insurance provider.

Medical Coding Outsourcing

Medical coding is a time-intensive procedure, especially for organizations dealing with a high volume of patients. We can code medical reports and file them accordingly. Our agents’ exemplary attention to detail ensures errors are kept to an absolute minimum. We can also send coded documents to partnered facilities, suppliers, and insurance adjusters.

Healthcare Surveys

After their visit to your facility, we can send digital surveys to your clients for valuable feedback. This is data that can be implemented to improve daily operations and in-patient care, in turn increasing customer retention and positive reviews and referrals from satisfied patients. We can send surveys and notices at intervals of your choosing.

The Benefits of Healthcare Outsourcing

Benefits of healthcare outsourcing include:

  • Handle high volumes of patient calls
  • 24/7 availability at an affordable cost
  • Minimize clerical errors stemming from multi-tasking or staff fatigue. The medical industry loses an annual $125 billion every year due to billing errors.
  • Reduced costs from in-house training and turnovers
  • Increased focus on patient care and improved patient experience
  • Boost in-house staff morale

Entrust the Non-Core Duties to Us

Executive Boutique is a HIPAA-compliant call center based in the Philippines. Our college-educated staff is rigorously trained to meet the high standards demanded by the medical community. Relieve your in-house staff so they can focus on the patients directly. Leave the daily logistics to us so you can dedicate 100% of your focus where it matters, keeping both your patients and your bottom line healthy.



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