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Higher Education Outsource Services

Executive Boutique Call Center partners with colleges, universities, and other places of higher education to provide outsource services that help them accomplish more. We are a Philippines-based call center with a highly-trained, English-speaking staff that can achieve a variety of tasks at an affordable rate—so that you and your team can focus on the things that matter, like improving the quality of the education your institution offers, growing your student population, and securing funding.

Education Call Center Services

Enrollment and payment periods can cause an influx of incoming calls, tying up phone lines, and frustrating students and their parents. Instead of trying to manage a call center on your own, utilize the expertise of Executive Boutique Call Center. We are well-versed in managing customer inquiries for educational institutions, among other industries we serve.

Campus call center outsourcing helps you to resolve issues quicker, decrease return calls, and improve caller satisfaction. It also gives you access to the latest technology and proven processes that have worked for many other universities and colleges.

Choosing Executive Boutique Call Center as your outsourcing partner gives you access to:

  • A 24-hour customer call center that can address students’ questions, concerns, and problems regarding finances, course and program enrollment, technical issues, and more
  • An advanced contact center that provides support over a variety of media, including phone, webchat, application messaging, text messaging, email, social media, and more
  • A fluctuating team size to match the ebbs and flows of a college’s call center needs: growing during periods of enrollment and decreasing over slow periods, such as summer break.
  • An English-speaking staff that receives continuous education and training, are experts in customer service, and are able, by being located in the Philippines, to work for a wage that is much lower than the cost of hiring or outsourcing locally.  

Outsourcing Fundraising & Student Recruitment Services

Fundraising is a large part of almost any university or college campus. Finding, securing, and maintaining donor relationships is essential in securing funding for athletic and educational programs, important research projects, new construction and campus improvements, installation of new technologies and software, and more.

While most educational services already have a fundraising team in place, it usually consists of a small group of individuals who are stretched thin on tasks. Supporting your fundraising team with the experience, capability, and technology of Executive Boutique Call Center can help to lighten your staff’s workload while exponentially growing your fundraising efforts.

Universities often outsource all or some of the following services:

  • Performing scripted outbound calls and emails to potential donors
  • Creating accurate and strategic calling lists
  • Collecting and analyzing data to determine the success of donor campaigning

You can also utilize this expertise to help with student recruitment efforts, conducting cold calls, email campaigns, and more to help increase student enrollment.

Educational Marketing and Sales Services

Marketing teams at higher-education institutions often find themselves overworked and understaffed. Executive Boutique Call Center can take on the small stuff while your team focuses on building competitive marketing strategies to attract more or better-quality students.

Some tasks your marketing team may outsource, include:

  • Conducting customized or scripted outbound marketing calls
  • Soliciting surveys to students, faculty, or the general public
  • Creating and managing successful email marketing campaigns
  • Designing, building, maintaining, and hosting external websites
  • Conducting in-depth marketing research to better understand and target prospects
  • Analyzing and reporting on marketing data to improve future strategies

Outsourcing Educational Administrative Tasks

In addition to your call center needs, student and donor recruitment, and marketing and sales, Executive Boutique can help to ease the workload in almost all areas of your educational organization. There are many tasks that are essential to running a college, but which are time-consuming and don’t require particularly advanced expertise. We can free up your team from such tasks so that they can focus on more important, innovation-driven work.

Partnering with Executive Boutique Call Center can help to:

  • Ease the workload of academic advisors by answering basic questions regarding courses or enrollment process and setting appointments.
  • Create and manage a voice or text emergency response system that will instantly alert students, staff, and the community of potential threats, building or road closures, or other pertinent information.
  • Assist in event planning by managing the registration process for fairs, conferences, donor events, alumni reunions, and other large events.

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