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Legal Intake for Mass Tort

Executive Boutique Call Center provides high-quality legal intake for mass tort law firms, with expert services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, so you never miss out on a potential claim.

Sheer volume is what sets apart mass torts from other types of legal claims. Mass tort cases can balloon suddenly once advertising begins. Even the most experienced and well-staffed law firms can have trouble keeping up with the flood of inquiries. Legal assistants, paralegals, and junior associates all play a vital role, but even before they get involved, having a capable intake department ensures that the leads your team handles are all qualified.

Many of these early calls are not very technical in nature. Prospective claimants are looking for someone to listen, provide quick and clear answers, and timely service. That’s where Executive Boutique Call Center comes in.

Outsource Your Client Intake to Save Time, Hassle, and Money

Client intake is one of the early steps in establishing a court-approved mass tort settlement. It is important to determine whether callers have used a particular drug, medical device, or product and whether they have symptoms, illnesses, or diagnoses consistent with other mass tort plaintiffs.

Specific legal advice is your field, but our team is able to take the appropriate data you need to follow up on leads and add claimants to your roster, saving you time, hassle, and money.     

Executive Boutique handles:

  • Preliminary screening of prospects based on set parameters
  • Intake of possible clients, including data entry and claim filing
  • Inbound calls for potential claimants with questions about a mass tort
  • Outbound calls to potential claimants to help meet the court’s scope requirements

With a trusted outsource partner, your paralegals, assistants, and attorneys are freed for specialized work, while we take care of basic data entry, eligibility requirements, and more mundane tasks that are still an essential part of the process.

Executive Boutique agents are paid a competitive wage with full benefits in the Philippines, but it is a fraction of what you might pay to retain the same level of service in North America, Europe, or Australia.

What Can A Legal Answering Service Do For You?

While we do not provide legal services as a law firm might, our legal answering service does include:

  • Business Process Tasks: We offer you the exclusive use of a dedicated team of skilled call center professionals versed in detail-oriented data entry and mass tort call center services. We use the latest technology and advanced software for a more expedient process. Supervisor oversight ensures our partners that no detail is omitted or erroneously entered into the system.
  • English Speaking Agents: Our bilingual Filipino staff speaks English as well as Tagalog – both of which are official languages of the Philippines. We founded our center to be a cut above the rest, hand-selecting call center candidates among a pool of well-speaking, college-educated customer service experts. 
  • Technology: Our telecom infrastructure includes a full-feature Automatic Call Distributor with skills-based routing, IVR, hybrid VOIP, 50 Mbps internet bandwidth, a customized Vici Dial/OS Dial platform, and Microsoft-based servers with firewall security and backup protection.
  • After Hours Call Support and Live Chat: 24/7 call center support is demanded in mass torts where pain and worry frequently keep people up at night. The ability to have claimant questions resolved in a timely, efficient manner sets your law firm apart from the masses. We make answers available when and where claimants need them, whether it’s by phone or live chat.  
  • Plaintiff Filtering: Our custom-devised questionnaires and data entry services help law firms narrow down the claimant field and flag potentially fraudulent claims. When a particular lead meets the criteria set forth by our client, legal consultations can be scheduled and referred. 
  • Claim Filing: Legal intakerequires specialized knowledge of data entry and forms processing, not to mention tedious, time-consuming quality control. Executive Boutique’s claim filing services include data evaluation, confirmation, authentication, auditing, documentation, and reporting.

Why Choose Executive Boutique’s Legal Intake Professionals?

Our legal intake professionals are located in a state-of-the-art facility in Cebu City, Philippines. Our American and Australian-owned company has served as a trusted partner of law firms in the US, Canada, England, Australia, and Singapore. We employ hundreds of skilled, performance-driven agents and offer affordable, flexible month-to-month contracts that can grow or shrink with demand.    

Whether you are a corporation involved in a mass tort or a mass tort law firm seeking extra support, we invite you to contact us with specific questions regarding our legal intake procedures. You may also request a free, no-obligation quote on Executive Boutique’s mass tort call center services.

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