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Marketing Outsourcing

Executive Boutique Call Center is a Philippines-based outsourcing company that helps marketing agencies accomplish their goals at affordable rates. From customer service to lead generation, market research to billing, our highly-skilled, experienced agents can take on the functions that are holding your in-house employees back and help you save time, money, and better allocate your resources.

Building a smart, strategic marketing plan takes talent. Following through on those plans often takes a lot of human resources—something many marketing agencies don’t have.

Marketing Company Outsourcing

Marketing agencies are known for long, stressful work hours. However, as the industry becomes more complex with global marketing, viral posts, and the expectation of immediate responses at any time of day, keeping up with the needs of clients and their customers can feel impossible. That is why marketing company outsourcing is an emerging trend for agencies of all sizes.

Outsourcing tasks that are long and tedious to an educated and trained staff overseas allows you to continue providing the services your clients want without burning out your in-house team, providing mediocre results, or toppling your budget with expensive new hires.

Executive Boutique Call Center has helped countless marketing companies across Europe, Australia, Singapore, and the U.S. fill in their gaps so that they can continue to provide high-end services to their clients.

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Tasks Your Marketing Agency Can Outsource

What functions your marketing agency chooses to outsource depends on your business model and the gaps you see in your company. Most agencies outsource tasks that are important to reaching campaign objectives or to running their business, while keeping “core” responsibilities, like strategy planning, in-house. The goal of marketing company outsourcing is to make your work easier and your clients happier.

Some of the tasks most commonly outsourced by marketing agencies are:

  • Market research – Knowing your audience is key to a successful strategy plan. It can also be pricey and time-consuming — unless outsourced.
  • Live chat services – Building out a new website for your e-commerce client? Live chat has been found to increase marketing awareness by 29%.
  • Data verification – Clients want to see results, but those results can take lots of time to track and report. Outsourcing data frees your team and provides quality data dashboards to your client.
  • Lead generation – Show your clients a real ROI by handing them prominent leads at an affordable rate.
  • Customer surveys – Sometimes the best way to track the success of a campaign is to ask the source. Affordable outsourcing makes this a great option for smaller-budget agencies.
  • Appointment setting services – Schedules can be crazy. Outsourcing appointment setting services will help you stay on your timeline and make a professional impression on clients.
  • Event registration support – Helping your client host a big conference? Focus on content and strategy and let a separate team manage registration.

Executive Boutique Call Center offers marketing companies all of these services and more. We are able to save you money because our professional, educated, and English-speaking staff work in an area with a much lower cost of living. This means that you can receive high-quality service at a rate that is considerably lower than local talent found in the UK, US, or Australia.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Marketing Companies

Many marketing agencies have found that utilizing an overseas outsourcing company has allowed them to reduce team burnout, increase profits, and expand their services to clients.

Here are some of the other benefits of marketing agency outsourcing services from Executive Boutique:

  • Cut back on staffing costs – You don’t need to hire and train a 24/7 live chat team to service your clients. Outsource time-consuming tasks to give your staffing budget a break.
  • Quickly scale your team to size – Overwhelmed with clients? That’s OK. Quickly scale up your team by outsourcing more tasks and focusing on building more business.
  • Take advantage of flexible contracts – Marketing agencies are all about agility, and so are we. We’ll move with you as you grow and change to provide you with the best fit. 
  • Offer more services to your clients – Want to capture more clients by offering more services? Utilizing third-party services is an easy way to effortlessly scale your business.
  • Reduce training needs for your staff – Does your staff wear a lot of hats at work? Stop trying to make them into experts on everything and take advantage of the talent you hired them for.

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