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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Your recruiting agency can save time and money, combat high turnover, and focus more on your core business when you outsource some of your daily functions to the elite team of well-trained, highly-educated, English-speaking call agents at Executive Boutique Call Center in the Philippines. From scripted outbound calls to registration management at job fairs, we do the heavy lifting so that your employees are freed up to do what they do best: hire better and faster.

Outsourcing for recruitment firms and staffing companies

Third-party partner Executive Boutique can step in and relieve your employees of the excess work that is holding down your recruiting firm’s bottom line. We help staffing companies and job recruiters with:

  • Making scripted outbound calls to job candidates or new clients
  • Setting up appointments and interviews with the candidates
  • Screening resumes, business profiles, and more for basic hiring requirements
  • Reaching out to potential candidates with scripted calls to gauge interest in speaking with a recruiter
  • Soliciting experience surveys
  • Creating in-depth data reports
  • Processing employment contracts and other legal documents
  • Registration management for job fairs and other recruitment events

Executive Boutique Call Center has a large and diverse staff who can offer expertise in various aspects of your recruitment process. Call us today to see how we can help your company streamline workflow, free up resources, and grow profit.

Benefits of outsourcing recruitment assistance

Once you discover the many benefits that come with outsourcing the resource-draining processes in your recruitment workflow, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made this low-risk, low-cost decision earlier in your business’ lifecycle. Advantages of partnering with Executive Boutique Call Center include:

  • Save time by eliminating that long list of outbound calls & follow-up notifications
  • Get better insights into your recruitment efforts with detailed data reports
  • Combat high turnover with happier, more engaged employees
  • Save money by paying lower foreign wages instead of hiring locally
  • Free up your staff to focus on the engagement that really matters for quality recruitment
  • Match your hiring needs by scaling up your recruitment process quickly and effortlessly
  • Don’t worry about finding, hiring, and training staff to maintain daily functions
  • Gain access to educated, enthusiastic, and English-speaking staff who are eager to help you reach your goals
  • Benefit from the latest technology and ongoing employee training to make sure your company maintains a professional and innovative hiring approach

If you are looking to improve your hiring process, cut salary costs, or if you are preparing for a dramatic expansion of your firm, contact Executive Boutique Call Center today. We are ready to join your team and help you reach your hiring goals.

Avoid headhunter burnout with third-party recruitment process outsourcing

Staffing firms hire talented headhunters who have the skills, experience, and knowledge to recruit and retain the best talent for the job—however, those recruiters often get bogged down and burnt out from performing the mundane, time-consuming, but necessary tasks that the recruitment process requires. 

If your recruitment business is seeing low employee engagement and high turnover, it might be time to bring in outside help. Outsourcing all or some of your recruitment process functions to an overseas agency can free up your staff to focus on the important core functions of recruitment—maintaining client relationships, spotting the perfect employment match, and acquiring a large profile of highly talented candidates.   

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Still not sure if outsourcing is right for your recruiting agency? Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts. We’ll listen to your needs, suggest customized solutions, point out areas that could help you cut waste, and provide a free cost estimate. Call us today.

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