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20 High-Converting Sales Tips from Sales Experts

Sales Expert

Sales ExpertSales tips… One can never get enough of them.

After all, selling is a profession that is as exciting as it is challenging — not to mention the variety of pleasures and pains that come with it.

While that may be the case, there is, however, a more pressing reason why companies need to pay attention to every piece of sales advice that comes their way — the times are yet again changing, and their sales techniques can easily become obsolete.

That being said, when it comes to sales, stagnation is never an option.What better way to keep up with the current sales trends and techniques than to read up on the powerful selling tips that seasoned sales experts are using.

If you’re interested to learn about the best selling tips that the industry experts are using, then you’re in the right place.We’re going to share with you 20 high-converting sales tips from sales experts.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Mike Saunders, MBA, The Authority Positioning Coach

Have authority positioning assets like media mentions, podcast interviews and publishing, built for their brand which serve as a long-term digital footprint for their target audience to discover. This works to pre-sell them before they even connect. Building your authority is your #1 priority.

2. Loren Fogelman, Business Success Coach, BusinessSuccessSolution.com

The Right Mindset: Become Their Trusted Advisor.

To win a new client, you want to appeal to their emotions. That’s because people don’t buy services, they buy feelings. Either they want to resolve a problem or achieve a result. Don’t worry about whether or not you know the best sales technique. Instead develop great questions that help you figure out what your prospect wants.

They’ll sign on as a new client once they believe you possess the solution to their problem. So it’s essential that you win their trust instead of overwhelming them with details about your service.

3. Erica Duran, Freedom Business Mentor and Digital Marketing Expert, EricaDuran.co

“Start a Conversation, Not a Sales Pitch”

At the beginning we don’t know if our products or services are a good fit for a particular person. We have to explore and find out together if working together is a good idea.

It has to be a win-win.

4. Ellory Wells, Executive Coach, ElloryWells.com

I’d say 2 things:

1) Stop with the hard-sell. Nobody likes it. We don’t mind buying, but nobody wants to be sold. Build a relationship with someone before you sell to them.

2) You have to believe that what you have to offer is what your prospects really need. You have to believe that your product is a glass of water and you’re looking for thirsty people. If you don’t believe 100% in your solution, you’ll get surpassed by someone who does.

5. Nora Conrad, CEO, Norbly Media

I wouldn’t really call myself a sales expert, but if I had to give one bit of advice, it would be that the sales start with the product/service. You can’t sell a crap product. You need to understand what your audience wants and build it, then you can focus on sales tactics. Until you build a product people actually want or need, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

6. Nick Bettes, Founder, BusinessCoachKit.com

Make sure your salespeople can understand and explain your positioning (your niche, their pain, your better solution) before you waste money training them on your product or sales process.

7. Gareth Shackleton, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

I would suggest starting with getting crystal clear about who you are targeting your sales at and why they would want to buy from you. It’s not enough to have a product that is different (because these days it’s not unique/different for very long), but the way you deliver it and the experience the customer has must be tailored to your target’s wants and needs as well.

If you get clear about these things all the following steps in the sales process become easier.

8. Mark Frey, Certified Business Coach, FocalPoint Business Coaching & Training

Quantify the COST of the customer’s pain.

In other words, what is the cost to the business if you fail to take action and fix this problem that you are telling me about?

How much is this problem or issue costing your company in revenues? Then you can compare that cost to the cost of coaching and ask them if they would spend X to get to target Y.

9. Claudia Crawley, CEO, Executive Coach and Career Mentor for Women, Winning Pathways Coaching Ltd

Before going through any sales conversation, be sure that this potential buyer is definitely from your target market. Then prepare yourself by letting go of any anxiety regarding the sale.

Raise your energy level by getting into peak state so that you’re feeling powerful and self-assured. Then smile. You’ll impress as warm and friendly, confident, and enthusiastic. These are infectious and will help you engage more effectively with the customer.

10. Tim Stokes, Founder, Profit Transformations

“Selling is the art of asking, quality, educational questions”.

Too often people are guarded towards salespeople, so telling them what they should do, or what you offer is just going to create an objection. Don’t create objections by statements, ask questions. This shows you care, want to understand, are a good listener and wanting to assist them with their ‘problem’, of who to choose to provide the service/product they require.

11. Rob Taylor-Brown, Director, Attention to Retail Ltd

People buy people not products, be honest and open and they will buy.

12. Pat Roberts, Executive Coach & Partner, Change Partners Coaching

Understand who you’re talking to and what they want out of the interaction with you. That way you’re soling their need not pushing your offering.

13. Alan Adams, Award Winning Coach Speaker and Author, Horizons Consultants

You may find yourself in a situation where you ask about a client’s budget and the client gives you a firm answer. No matter what they say, make sure you use these next two words, just say “up to” and then shut up and don’t say a word, nothing, no matter how tempted you are, just wait for their response.

In many cases, the client will give you a much higher figure, and this gives you the opportunity to much more comprehensively answer the client’s brief, to do a much better job for them, and of course plenty more opportunity to show your value.

You need to have ‘your right to be there’ absolutely nailed. Your right is when you first sit down, or at some point in the first meeting, you tell the client about you and your business. This would typically include the years of experience you have in the industry, your expertise, name-dropping clients that are appropriate and who would impress, as well as awards, accreditations, and recent publications you’d been in.

You do this so the client completely understands why you have the right to sit in front of them and offer advice. In the client’s head they should perceive you as an expert and so someone they should listen too.

14. Holly Worton, Business Mindset Alchemist, Holly Worton

I’ve done sales training courses and I’ve learned scripts and outlines of how to manage a sales conversation, and I followed those for years. They worked. But it got to a point where they just didn’t feel right anymore, and since then I’ve simply moved to a non-scripted conversation model where I simply speak with the potential client to get an idea of what they need help with, whether I can help them and, most importantly, where I think I’m the best person to help them.

I treat sales conversations as I would an interview: it’s got to be a good fit for both of us. Since making this shift in how I handle sales conversations, I feel more natural and authentic. It’s what works for me.

15. Nicola Huelin, Award-winning Business Coach & Mentor, Founder of MPower for Mums in Business, Author of The Invisible Revolution

The single best way to ensure consistent and increasing sales is to get your Marketing right. If clients are the lifeblood of a business, Marketing is the heartbeat. Understanding what effective Marketing is, and investing time, energy and money in laying the right Marketing foundations is an investment which will give you a huge return over time. Imagine a world with no more cold-calling, feeling awkward or pushy – imagine a consistent flow of clients ready and needing exactly what you provide, knocking on your door. Doing business from a strong Marketing platform means that rather than have to struggle with selling, we can enjoy serving with ease.

16. Alejandra Crisafulli, Award Winning Master Relationship Coach, Alejandra Crisafulli Coaching

My biggest tip to “selling” is to relationship develop rather than think about a person as a sale. When you approach your “sales conversation” as just that… “a conversation” then you develop a relationship and people love to be liked & valued. When they feel that from you they are will to buy from you.

17. André Hindley, Owner, Mindfree Coaching

Society is ‘wisening up’ significantly when it comes to sales and marketing. Sustainability is the new buzzword in business. What you want are quality customers, to build a long-term brand trust relationship with. When you’ve achieved this, customers will sell your product for you.

What is critical is that you ensure that the product you sell is authentic and of good quality, no matter what it is. Any compromise on this is compromising your reputation and hence your business. PRICE IS NOT KING, TRUST IS.

18. Asanda Gcoyi, Head: Talent Management, CB Talent

The two things I swear by when it comes to selling anything are as follows:

1) Ensure you are over prepared- know your potential clients and what their pain points are (and what those are costing them) and tailor your proposition based on that. There is nothing worse than making a cold selling pitch!

2). Understand and be passionate about what you are selling- the potential client can tell when you are box-ticking. You can achieve this by going over and above the typical script; familiarise yourself with FAQs on your service or goods and never stop learning more about your offering. Nothing beats a knowledgeable and passionate sales person.

19. Terri Levine, Bestselling Author of Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business As A Heartrepreneur

Sell is not a nasty four letter word. When you focus on helping others and detach from the outcome and simply tune in asking yourself, “Can I make a difference with my products and services?”, then you will have a relational conversation from your heart.

20. Tony Selimi, Author, Speaker, Cognition and Human Behavioural Expert, TJS Cognition

To sell more is to know how to articulate with clarity how the solution you are offering resolves a meaningful problem for your customer.

Knowing your clients hierarchy of values help you communicate your offer in a language that your client understands.

What’s Next?

What are some of the best selling tips that you can share with the community?

If there are ideas or strategies that you think can help our readers of business owners and entrepreneurs, then please share them in the comments section below.


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