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3 BPO Training Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On

3 BPO Training Ideas You Can't Miss Out On

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) training is an essential aspect of your operations because it allows outsourcing companies to learn how to run and manage your process.

However, if the BPO provider you’re working with sticks to the traditional training methods, their agents might struggle with learning – leading to unsuccessful knowledge transfer.

Think of it this way. 

If your outsourcing partner’s call center agents, for example, aren’t engaged during the training, they might not learn effectively, and your customers won’t benefit. 

And this can reflect negatively on your business.   

So if you want the call center agents that are representing your company to produce excellent work, then read on to find out about a few training ideas your BPO provider should be using.

1. Partner up new staff with experienced employees.

Training twenty to thirty people at a time can get overwhelming, and it doesn’t leave your outsourcing partner much room to do in-depth and one-on-one learning.

A great solution is for your third-party provider to partner trainees with veteran or best performing staff to support the training of new starters to your business process.

This way, trainees get to learn from experienced and highly-skilled staff and hone their knowledge and skills without the need for micromanaging this period in the training process. 

It’s also a great way to sharpen the knowledge and expertise of your service provider’s seasoned staff that handle your process. 

Plus, it’s a chance to develop their ability to train new recruits – so it’s a win-win situation for you.

2. Provide incentives for hitting team targets. 

Excellent teamwork and team cohesiveness are factors that contribute to the success of your process and business operations. 

However, these are things that your service provider can’t achieve in one day or demand from team members handling your outsourced tasks, but rather, develop over time and effort.

One of the best ways to encourage teamwork during the training process is for your outsourcing partner to offer incentives each time members achieve their goals as a group.

Your BPO partner can offer weekly or monthly incentives such as tokens and gift certificates to motivate your process trainees to work harder and better as a team.

Doing so not only rewards the trainees for working towards their team goals but also helps foster their relationship with each other.    

3. Retrain regularly. 

Process training is an absolute must for your outsourced tasks, but if your service provider doesn’t retrain, your business could be missing out on staff skills enhancement. 

Even if the staff who run your process have worked with your contractor for years, retraining is still necessary to revisit aspects in your tasks that have lapses that need to be addressed.

For example, retraining seasoned call center agents allows you the opportunity to identify gaps in your sales lead generation tasks that only experienced staff can spot.

Also, you can improve and update your training modules to keep them up-to-date with your current policies and processes, when your outsourcing provider conducts retraining.

Ready to try out these BPO training ideas?

The BPO training process is a necessary step that new, and even experienced, staff should go through — and with these ideas, knowledge transfer can be more engaging and effective.

Are you ready to work with a Philippines business process outsourcing partner that provides professional and excellent BPO training services that your business needs? Contact us today to find out more.   

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