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4 Components of an Effective Sales Script that Reliable Outsourcing Companies Use

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A sales script can help set the tone of your customer calls, but if it doesn’t have the necessary components, you might be losing out on boatloads of opportunities to close more sales.

While your sales script serves as a guide for your outsourced call center agents for delivering the value of your offer, it needs to have the right elements to make it effective. 

That being said, you’ll need to ensure that the outsourcing service provider you work with uses sales scripts that can successfully compel your customers to act on your offers. 

To help you do just that, here are three basic components of an effective sales pitch that reliable outsourcing companies use.  

1. Rapport-building statements

Making a great impression at the onset of the call is crucial for your outsourced sales reps to establish since this helps build the interest of your prospective customers. 

Otherwise, your prospects will drop the call even without getting to hear your value proposition. 

The key is to for your outsourced call center reps to use rapport-building statements in your sales script. 

Factors like mentioning previous interactions with your potential customers and showing your prospects that your company understands their pain points will help pique their interest. 

By working with outsourcing services that use rapport-building statements in your sales script, you can build a connection with your customers — increasing your chances of closing sales. 

2. Pre-qualifying lines and questions

Creating a sales script can be challenging since you only have a few minutes to describe your product and how it can benefit your customers. 

However, effective sales scripts shouldn’t focus solely on your offer, but address what your prospective customers need — and whether or not that particular prospect is a qualified lead. 

This means that your outsourcing provider should include pre-qualifying questions in your sales script.

Asking relevant questions helps you engage your prospects and get them talking — which opens you to valuable information about them that you can use to your advantage.

Including questions that will help determine whether or not your potential customers have issues that your products or services can fix will also help pre-qualify your potential customers.  

3. Value statement

A good sales script should answer the ultimate customer question, “What’s in it for me?

This means that your sales script will need to help your potential customers understand the value of your products and services — and how your offer will solve their problem. 

This means that your outsourced sales reps will need to go beyond simply talking about the features and overall benefits of your services and products. 

Instead, your sales script should keep the focus of the conversation on how your offer will benefit your prospects and position your products as a solution to the problem they are facing.

4. The big ask.

No matter how great your rapport-building statements are, your pre-qualifying questions, or your value statement, if your agents don’t ask for the sale, they’ll never get it.

The call would end with niceties, good-vibes, and a good experience for the callers — but you’ll miss out on the sales — one of your primary goals for running the campaign, to begin with.

While there are several ways to ask customers to take out their wallets, one of the best ways to do this is to give them options. Where option A and option B are both purchases.

For example, the sales representative could ask the caller, “Would you like product X delivered express? Or just regular shipping?”

In both options, the customer is expected to buy. Regardless of the option they choose, they’d still make the purchase.

Now compare that with, “Would you like to buy product X? Or not?”

If the caller chooses the latter, then the call would have ended with no sales.

What’s Next?

An effective sales script – one with the right components – will aid you in connecting with your customers, help them view your offer as a solution to their pain points, and close more sales.

By working with the best-fitting third-party provider for your business, you can establish a sales pitch that will have more chances of success. 

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable outsourcing provider, feel free to contact us today, and we’ll give you a free quote.  

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