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5 Keys to Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts Through Outsourcing

5 Keys to Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts Through Outsourcing

Outsourcing your lead generation helps boost your efficiency and effectiveness at usually lower costs. 

Outsourcing companies also often have top-performing talent, tools, and strategies to help you attain your objectives — in this case, generating leads.

To maximize your outsourced lead generation campaigns, you need to know the keys that help improve your engagement and gain productive results.

In this post, I am sharing five keys to improving your lead generation efforts through outsourcing.

Let’s dive in.

1. Ensure that your outsourcing partner understands your business.

The company you outsourced for generating leads must understand your business deeply.

They need to have a solid grasp of your ethos, brand, values, buyer persona, products and services, and other relevant aspects.

Their familiarity with these things helps them find the best leads for your business and strategies to capture them, relate to these leads, and others. 

Take the time to discuss these with your external vendor. Ensure that they’ve done enough research so they can represent your company accurately.

2. Determine the timeline and milestones.

At the onset, you and your outsourced agency should set expectations on your engagement. 

You need to discuss and agree on the objectives, duration, timelines, reporting periods, milestones.

For instance, consider if working with the vendor is a temporary solution or a long-term game plan. 

Make sure you also inform them of how immediately you want to see concrete results and returns.

3. Clarify who your leads are.

You need to clarify with your external vendor at the onset who your desired leads are for your campaign.

Should they have particular demographics, like age, location, and industry? What characteristics do they have?

By knowing the critical traits, the outsourced team would know the type of leads they should find and strategize how to catch them best.

4. Have the same lead qualifications. 

How does your business qualify leads for specific campaigns?

Is it when they give their names and email addresses on your live chat, sign up for a free product trial, or view your mobile ads?

Whatever your lead qualifications are, you need to acquaint your outsourced company about these. 

That way, when they submit their list, you can be sure you’re looking at leads that both you and the outsource company consider high-quality.

5. Be sure your channels and processes harmonize.

It’s best if you and your outsourced provider have the same or harmonized lead generation services, channels and processes.

You may begin with acquiring leads and end with evaluating the lead generation campaign. 

Your channels may then be through interactions in your business apps, social media, emails, phone calls, and other channels.

You and your outsourced agency must sit down and agree on these things. Doing so helps both of you track your customer journey and capture your leads in every step.


Outsourcing helps you streamline your lead generation efforts, but it also takes the right keys for that initiative to see higher chances of success.

Apply these keys, and you can see game-changing improvements in your outsourcing lead generation engagement.

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