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Being Eco Friendly is Being Healthy

Being a green company or being more environmentally friendly is becoming more popular as families and call center in the Philippines realize the benefits of “green” living.  By now, most of us know that going green goes a long way in protecting Earth. But changing to more Earth-friendly habits can also have positive effects on our health.

Reducing Energy Usage.

The consumption of fossil fuels is a leading cause of environmental strain and, thereby, adverse affects on our health. When we conserve energy resources, our nation can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier environment, and we can help protect the climate by reducing green house gases. Limiting energy usage or using alternative energy reduces pollutants in the air which will help us breathe better and reduce air particles that contribute to heart disease.

Changing Transportation Habits.

Of course, taking public transportation, walking and  making individuals’ car use more efficient including their decisions about what car to buy, when and where to drive their car, and how to operate and maintain it reduce the amount of pollution being released into the environment, but there are other health benefits to changing your transportation styles. Taking in sunlight and nature while pedaling a bicycle improves mental and physical well-being.

Buying Locally Grown Food.

Buying organic food grown locally is an excellent way to avoid pesticides and preservatives used in packaged foods. Mass-produced, commercial fruits and vegetables are often harvested before they are ripe and allowed to ripen off the plant may be less nutritional than plant-ripened alternatives. Buying local also reduces the carbon footprint left by food being transported across the country or globe.

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