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BPO: Business Growth through People Capability

Employees should be trained in the corporate vision, customer service, and the details of their specific job. When you’re growing your business into new, diversified areas, you should align your business strategy with your people capability. It’s a challenge that must be one of the top priorities in the Philippine business process outsourcing industry.

Capability represents the identity of your business as perceived by both your employees and your customers. It is your ability to perform better than competitors using a distinctive and difficult to replicate set of business attributes.

Building capability within your business includes focusing on attracting and retaining good employees; making sure customers are satisfied and your business has a good reputation; having in place procedures that ensure high performance; encouraging collaboration and cooperation across the business; developing leaders who can support and motivate employees and supporting employees to develop the skills and knowledge they need to innovate. All of these factors will increase your ability to compete effectively and add intangible value to the business.

You should also make and keep realistic promises on service, quality and delivery. This will give you more credibility with your customers. By making and keeping promises to your employees, you can also build employee loyalty, confidence and morale. You also need to develop and encourage effective decision making practices by employees.

This can be achieved through leadership training programs, delegation of responsibility, and encouraging and supporting employees to take more day-to-day control of their own projects. This leaves top management free to focus more on strategic issues, and gives employees more experience and confidence, so they can step into higher roles.

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