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BPO, IT and Call Center: Highly Paying Jobs in the Philippines

Philippines is a place for a large number of career options therefore people can make choice for their career in respective fields depending upon the selection criteria. In general, salaries were always increasing in metro areas namely Makati, Manila, Eastwood, Ortigas and Fort Bonifacio and the rest of the Philippines due to economic growth, especially in the BPO/IT/Call Center industries.

Due to the global economical crisis, some companies in North America, Europe and Australia outsourcing to Call Centers and BPO companies in the Philippines have drastically reduced product sales, which resulted in layoffs for some Filipino employees.  Nevertheless, IT professionals (developers, programmers, designers), tech support and call center support representatives’ salaries are still significantly lower than in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

One of the most easily available highly paying jobs is of Philippines business process outsourcing call centers. This is the kind of option which is a source of income for many people even to students who are looking to start their career. This gives a fresh start as there are multiple call centers open, in fact almost every firm has their own customer service center, so people willing to serve the customers are most welcomed.

Similar to the BPO segment another highly paying job is the job in technical support. These jobs fall in the category of the business process that act as an outsourcing medium for many companies. The job of IT professionals in Philippines is still in demand. With most of the companies now believing in internet marketing the demand of the IT people is also increasing.

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