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BPO: Job Interview Tips

The Philippines has emerged as the world leader in business process outsourcing or BPO. This boom has been led by business process outsourcing call centers in the Philippines, where Filipinos handle telemarketing, customer service and technical support calls. It’s very evident that top call center jobs are scattered on the websites of companies, organizations and other job boards.

For people who want to be a part of this great opportunity must be aware of the call center hiring procedure. It’s not all about resume but the real challenge begins once you get the call for an interview.  The next thing that you have to do is prepare for it emotionally as well as intellectually just like a salesman. You are there to sell yourself to your prospective employer.

One way to prepare is by doing some research about that company. It is terrible to enter into an interview and not be able to tell your interviewer what their company is all about. The best and least time consuming way is to look at their website. Another is to know your contact. It is nice to be able to greet your interviewer by name at the beginning of the interview without first being told who they are.

It shows that you are on top of things, and have prepared beforehand. You also need to practice your responses. As you work on this, you will also want to practice the art of getting your nerves under control as well as ridding yourself of any other odd habits while talking. Preparing for a job interview does not have to be a difficult process. With a little planning and organization, you’ll be able to minimize stress on the big day.

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