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BPO: My Story in BPO Industry – 1

After I graduated college majoring in Chemistry, I applied in different companies here in Cebu. At first, I found it very difficult because it was not in demand. Imagine being a Chemist, I could see myself working in a medical company but everything has changed. In our economical situation today, you won’t find it easy to get a job in just a blink of an eye. You have to be very competitive enough to stand out from others. You need to have that courage just like what I did. And so I tried again and got myself in Philippines business process outsourcing because that was really in demand that time and the easiest to get in because the only major requirement is to be fluent in English, nothing fancy like being knowledgeable in Math, Medicine, Chemistry, and other sciences.  My first job was with a webhosting company as a technical support agent.  I chose this job over the other call center positions because I have always been interested in computers since I was in high school.  For me, that was the best decision I have ever made in my life.  From that job, I was able to learn how to communicate in English more fluently than a lot of people and at the same time practice my researching and troubleshooting skills to get the job done.  I’ve learned pretty much about business process outsourcing or BPO such as websites, the internet marketing, and also the programming and designing behind the web technology.

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