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BPO: My Story in BPO Industry – 2

Having to work in a Philippines business process outsourcing center had its ups and downs.  Yes, it’s true; the salary was really high if compared to other fresh graduates out there but my call center job had a big impact on my family, social life, and health.  Almost call centers operate 24/7 so that would mean work shifts are always changing from morning, mid, to graveyard shift.  Working at night and sleeping during the day practically makes one being compared to a vampire or a zombie.  My time for my family has been compromised because of the difference in sleeping times.  I sometimes couldn’t attend birthday parties because I chose to sleep and rest which made some people unhappy.  Sometimes I get sick because I had trouble sleeping during the day and couldn’t get enough rest.  But despite all that, I still chose to live this call center life.


We call center agents chose this job out of necessity to earn either enough or more than enough for ourselves or for our families.  I chose to stay in this job because of what I will be learning that can be useful in the future and also I need it.  Having to work for a call center has taught be the importance of being responsible, on time, and also being hardworking.  The demand in call center agents has increased these past years and because of that I have met new people at work and realized that I am not alone in my own little world.

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