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BPO: The FACT in Call Center Industry

The FACT in call center stands for fast food, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. These are the things that comprise the daily lifestyle of most Philippines call center agents.


According to a study, most call center agents eat in the fast-food restaurants. Well, the fact those can be found everywhere and are open for 24 hours to cater their needs. Some of the popular food choices among them are fried chicken, burger, fries and chips. These are junk foods that could be a risk to one’s health. Another lifestyle in call centre is the consumption of highly-caffeinated drinks, mainly coffee and sodas to keep them awake. Well it’s true because caffeine works by changing the chemistry of our brain and it blocks the action of a natural brain chemical that is associated with sleep. Another habit of BPO agents is smoking. Most of them believe that this is an effective way of relieving stress. Working in a BPO industry can be very stressful at times because of odd hours, irate customers, dreary workloads and performance demands. And lastly, the leisure activity of call center agents which is drinking. This can be another way of relaxation and it is not really bad as long as you know your limitations.


These are the risky lifestyle of call center agents; we can’t blame them because there are reasons behind these things. And the fact that Philippines Business Process Outsourcing provides high salary, people just can’t help but to accept its reality. But still it is better to live a balanced lifestyle; so it’s your choice, live with it or find ways to change it.

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