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5 Important Call Center Software Features to Consider for your Company



When determining which call center software is best for your business, there are many features you need to consider. Browsing through various options can become a little overwhelming. In this article, we are going to give you a checklist of features which are most important when determining the best call center software that will meet the needs of your company.

1. Inbound and outbound

Do you need a software that focuses on inbound and outbound calls? Your answer to this question is important in determining the software you need. Each piece of software has different features, which can offer you solutions that are focused more on inbound options, or outbound options, or a blend of the two.  Once you know what your need is, you can narrow your search for the right software.

2. Routing

When routing calls to your call center employees, there are several different options. Do you want to have someone do it manually? Or do you want a system that has an automatic call distribution?  Depending on how you want to distribute your calls, figuring out this option is the next step in your checklist.

3. Call monitoring and recording

If your company needs a software that has a call monitoring and recording feature, look for the best call center software that offers these features. How often do you want the calls to be recorded? How do you want them to be reviewed? How many people within your company do you want to have an opportunity to examine calls?  These questions will be helpful in deciding which software works best for you.

4. Social media options

There is a broad range of choices when it comes to alternative forms of communication with customers.  You can have chat boxes or e-mail support for each of your agents, as well as setting up an automatic ticket system based upon posts customers put on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page.  Figuring out which social media components are best for your company is vital for completing your checklist.

5. Scripts

Do you currently utilize scripts for your agents and see them stammer when they’re asked a question they don’t know the answer to? Within certain software options, you can set up a system where your agents can fill out context-based questions, and the software will lead them to the correct answer every time.  Deciding if you need a script or not is another aspect you need to figure out for your checklist.

What’s next?

Deciding on the best call center software is a critical decision, and should only be made once you have fully figured out what your needs are.  By creating a checklist of characteristics you are looking for within a piece of software, you will be able to sort thru the variety of options in the marketplace, and find the right one for your company.

If you’re having difficulties creating a checklist, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than willing to assist you in this crucial undertaking.

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