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Call Centers in the Philippines: Fruits of Labor

There was certainly a need for me to have a job after I graduated from college. I had done well in school but the time I spent there was much time spent not working. Many of my friends had more time to work while in school than I so I was going to get the best job now to catch up. I applied in different companies in Cebu,Philippines. There is a lot of growth in Cebu and I was hoping I could take advantage. All the advertisements that needed someone for the vacant or needed job, I applied for.


There were many opening is restaurants and service jobs but also many in the BPO and outsourcing area as well. I heard that the call center jobs were really the best paying for recent graduates and i focused on those first of all. In fact, after really looking around the call centers have a lot of openings. Inbound call center agents for customer service accounts. Outbound call center agents to focus on telemarketing and sales calls.


I got a call and applied to an inbound call center. Lucky to say that I got hired and was given the opportunity to be part of the company. I’m thankful that I was picked from the bunch of applicants who applied for work that day. I think my studying really helped because the test we all had to take was fairly long and involved understanding lots of the subtleties of the English language.


At first, it was a challenge to show what I can do and to prove everyone that I could do it. I was excited at that time to receive my first salary. I even had mixed emotions at that time, wondering what to do with my first salary. Should I reward myself with something special or just to save my money in the bank. I can still feel the excitement when I received the money in my hands. I rewarded myself with some new shoes that I was dreaming of. The good thing about it was that I still had enough left over after my expenses to save some money in my bank account. I even treated my mother to a fine restaurant back then. I’m grateful that I was given the chance to work the call center industry and learn a trade that can pay my bills.

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