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Cebu: Improving BPO Workforce through Education

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Now, Cebu City is on the ninth spot in the list of top 10 Emerged Destinations for BPO. It is no doubt because it has many factors that made its way on top. It is the second largest concentration of IT Centers in the country and it has world-class telecommunication infrastructure. When it comes to workforce, the city government is doing their very best in meeting the growing demands of the BPO workforce in the country.

In fact, they will implement a separate “English class” in public high schools this year to better equip students for a career in Philippines call center and other offshore services in the BPO industry. Public school English teachers will also undergo training from leading BPO companies in Cebu City with the city government paying for the training. In addition to that, there are already a number of BPO companies that are now starting to partner with universities and colleges in Cebu. In the KPO sector, Cebu is seen to take the center-stage in healthcare and information management services.

BPO industry in Cebu has grown tremendously and providing highly skilled people has always been a priority. And now, Cebu’s graduates have abilities at par with international standards for Philippines business process outsourcing (BPO) centers, according to the results of a study on Cebu students. Skills assessment conducted by CIBI Information shows a 7.4 percent gap in verbal abilities between those who still studying and those already in the industry. It only implies that the Philippines is on the right path in becoming the number one BPO destination in the world.

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