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Defining Success in the Philippine Call Center

Philippine Call Center
Philippine Call Center
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How do you define success? Success means different things to different people. For some, monetary reward is a measure of success; it only seems to be credited if one’s efforts have generated wealth.  But for others, it’s a journey. They’re designing a life that both reaches the destination and enjoys the trip. Meaning to say, being happy with what you have today, as you are pursuing what you want for the future.

One of the most inspiring stories that has been told is by Manuel V. Pangilinan, also known as Manny Pangilinan and MVP. The CEO of Philippine Long Distance and Telephone Company or PLDT, the Philippine’s pioneer in telecommunications. His story is from rags to riches; from being a student to eventually becoming a corporate tycoon. He was born poor but being poor didn’t stop him from reaching his dreams. Perhaps it became the source of his passion and drive. According to him, “whatever we may wish to do with our future, we can make it because it gets dark sometimes, but morning comes always”. These are the words from a man who believes that lifelong learning and exploring are key factors in moving towards success.

So whether you’re a student, hotelier, an inbound call center agent in a Philippine business process outsourcing call center, a small business owner or whatever it is that you do, never stop learning. If you have a goal in mind that will bring you the happiness you’ve been wanting, don’t hesitate to start the journey to achieve it. Start your path today and act out your dreams.  And if you’ve already begun, consistently re-connect with your dream and make sure you strive hard toward your goals until you reach your destination and believe in yourself and do not let anybody stop you from reaching them.

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