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Employee Recognition in BPO

In  Philippines BPO, one-on-one assessments with the agents recommend a two-way forum, which can set attainable goals reviewed, keep the feedback on the performance and listen to all the problems of the staff. This is very beneficial on the part of the employers and the employees. For the employers, they will know their staff better and if they need more training programs or if they need stronger management skills. On the part of the agents, they will know their weaknesses and strengths in their performance. During the appraisal, these targets could be reviewed and adjusted to more realistic levels. And after the objectives have been achieved, it is only fair, but do your employees in their best effort to realize.


Usually, if you work in the same call centre for a year, you will always encounter this performance appraisal and from this follows employee recognition. But employees must also consider that employee recognition doesn’t lead to an immediate promotion, no additional financial compensation earnings and should not be expected. The main purpose of this is to positively motivate the group and to give them a reason to go, push harder, and to realize a wider aspect of the company goal and their career path. This also gives them better opportunities to prove themselves worthy of the job that they have. Rewarding exceptional performance also inspires colleagues to improve their contribution in the workplace. All these boil down to make the point that the employees’ recognition is in fact an essential element in the success of the company.

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