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Green Call Center: Endangered Species in the Philippines

The Philippines is the home to many animal species. But with the sprawling industries in our country, we have unknowingly destroyed and endangered so many of these natural gifts that we are so fortunate to have. One of the creatures that is nearing extinction is the Whale Shark or locally known as “Butanting.” This gentle giant finds our seas a perfect habitat. Like the whale shark, the “pawikan” is also considered as an endangered sea creature. It has been thriving in our seas for decades. But sadly, today we can hardly see one. The smallest monkey in the world can also be found in our country. The Philippine Tarsier is one of Bohol’s main attractions aside from the world renowned Chocolate Hills. But now it is also considered as endangered.


The Philippine Eagle has been hunted down by irresponsible people who have made it endangered as well. These are but some of the animals that we used to have in our country abundantly. But now, it is feared that the next generation can no longer see their beauty because of our own malpractices. But it is never too late. This is what I learned as an outbound call center agent in my company. Being a part of this “Green Company” made me realize that I could do something for these animals.   We can still save them from extinction if we only watch our own actions. We should become responsible individuals and refrain from doing things that we know could destroy our environment.

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