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My encounter with the smallest Primates


Bohol is an island of mystery and excitement. Aside from the white beaches and virgin forest we are gifted with the wonders of the world. Chocolate Hills,  Baclayon church which is the third  oldest church in the Philippines ,Balicasag  black forest which is popular among the sea lovers  and  nature lovers as well  of course  who will forget the Tarsier.


When I was still in my Elementary  days  my teacher used to identify tarsier as the smallest monkey in the world  I don’t even disagree who cares am not fond with this small creatures with big eyes . But then as time goes to an age they consider tarsier as a primate. Even at the age of 26 and as an outbound call center agent in an offshore call center ,I was amazed  with the things that had happen in my life  because without a thought the tarsier had become a part of  my existence , my bread and butter. When I was invited by a friend of mine to replace her  as a local tourist  guide it was my first  job  then so I have to show my best foot forward. I am  with  a German  national who visited Bohol and make it as her topic on her Environmental Research. We visited the historical spots and then we  stop at Loboc not only to take our lunch but of course to encounter the smallest primates, the nocturnal living creature who peacefully lives in this small town. I have a bad impression on this animal since it looks  ugly and dangerous.

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