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Green Call Center: The Philippine Tarsier and Being Green

The tarsier is one of the endangered species here in the Philippines and the sanctuary that is located in Bohol. The first time I’ve seen a tarsier was one of the funniest experiences in my life.    When I saw the picture, I was amazed to see a very tiny mammal with big round eyes. I never thought that this creature will be a part of my everyday life as a BPO agent. When I was working on our website, my boss asked me to put up two pictures of these wonderful creatures.  The Philippine Tarsier has become the icon of what our company is trying to achieve, and that is to save mother earth by thinking green.  Thinking green means to find ways of saving the earth, its creatures, and also ourselves.  This is to protect our home for us, our children, and our children’s children.  The tarsier has shown us that despite being small, in contrast to the size of our planet, they are still worth being saved, like the rest of us. It all comes down to us and should start within us.  If we have not convinced ourselves that the planet should be saved then the concept of thinking green is useless.  At work, turning off the computers when not in use, or turning off the lights to rooms not being used.  There are hundreds of things that we can think of that can help save the planet.  And by saving the planet, we are saving our future and the lives of other creatures as well.

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