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Higher Education Call Center

Higher Education Call Center
Higher Education Call Center

As an educational institution, you handle FAQs about enrolment requirements, schedules, fees, financial support options, and a plethora of other information.

Call centers understand the bulk and frequency of those questions, the need to provide timely and correct responses, manifest your brand, and give a positive impression to your callers.

That is why BPO offers high-quality support for higher educational institutions through their answering services.

These services can tackle multiple facets of your institution — which is what we’ll look at closely in this post.

Are you ready? 

Let’s begin.

Enrolment and Admissions

Call centers can help your prospective enrollees by addressing their questions.

This bit is crucial because the experience that your would-be enrollees experience during their phone calls can spell the difference between them enrolling, or them looking for another educational institution.

Also, if need be, the call centers can help route your callers to the right department. For example, if a caller had a question about how certain departments conduct their training (a piece of information that might not have been relayed to the call center company), the call center representative can connect them to the department heads.

That way, their questions are addressed satisfactorily.

If your institution receives a call after closing hours, the call center can also address their issue since it operates 24/7. This helps your educational institutional provide top-notch support, which can very well improve your brand image.

General Student Concerns

Students can contact your institution’s call center representatives for general concerns.

The representatives can inform student callers of recent announcements, office hours, and other general information they may need to know. 

The call center agents can direct them on how they can get and fill out the required forms and then deliver these documents via fax or email.

The agents may even redirect these students to the appropriate departments and offer to message department staff after hours.

Alumni Affairs

Alumni affairs and events occur throughout the year, so inquiries and requests on these can flood your institution as well.

Call centers can assist by giving the right information and announcements of upcoming events. It can even gather RSVPs and receive messages for the Alumni Office staff.

Public Security and Safety

Sometimes, events involving the use of campus facilities happen, like when instructors need classroom access or the administration cancels classes.

In these cases, call center agents can contact your Public Security and Safety Office.

They can even relay lost-and-found requests and redirect callers to the right public safety officials when necessary.

Staff Finance Matters

Representatives from call centers can notify your faculty and staff of any announcement regarding their payroll and related matters.

Call centers can give necessary (allowable) details about their paychecks, such as delays and deliveries of it via mail.

They can also accommodate questions after your campus working hours with after hours support services and messaging for your staff members.


Call centers function like your virtual switchboard, able to answer inquiries and redirect calls (among others) proficiently and efficiently. 

No matter what category the inquiry falls under, including IT, call centers can accommodate them with the tone and quality of service that reflects your higher educational institution brand.

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