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How Image Works for Call Center Agents

Call Center Agents
Call Center Agents
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In the call center, it is a fact that inbound or outbound call center agents work over the phone. There may be no face-to-face interaction between them and the customers but still their image is very important. Call center agents don’t work all by themselves; they have co-agents, leaders, supervisors, managers and even owners that they encounter every day. Appearance in business is critical to one’s success. Your business image should make you look credible, efficient, trustworthy and likeable.

The moment we see someone, we make judgments about them, based purely on the way we look. We evaluate them on a scale of attractiveness and whether we consider them friendly or threatening, equal to us socially and intellectually, and worthy of our time. Immediately after that, we start making evaluations about such things as their character and professional abilities.

Since we make a profound value judgment from such superficial evidence, it would seem important to choose carefully the way we dress purely to communicate what we want to be known for and who we want to be. An important consideration is to dress at the same high standard all the time. If people react positively to your appearance each time they see you, they will also build up a level of trust in your performance in other areas such as work skills, intelligence, capabilities, and competence.

On the other hand, if your image communicates mixed messages, you run the risk of negative opinions quite unrelated to the skills and capabilities you actually possess.

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