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How to Choose the Best eCommerce Customer Service Provider

ecommerce customer service
ecommerce customer service

Customer service plays a significant role in a business, especially in eCommerce. It drives sales, boosts marketing efforts, and increases customer satisfaction, resulting in business expansion. eCommerce customer service is even more critical as it supports and keeps up with the growing demands of consumers.

It’s not enough to have regular customer service in eCommerce. Your service must be exceptional because 95% of consumers believe that customer service can achieve brand loyalty. 

Further statistics show that 68% of customers say they are ready to buy products and services from

companies providing excellent customer support. 

Amongst millennials, 21% are willing to pay companies with good customer service. While 80% of businesses say they have excellent customer service, only 8% of customers agree. Such disparity in perception can result in a mishap for business owners. 

This guide will help prevent this setback as it talks you through eCommerce customer service and how to choose the best provider. 

What is eCommerce Customer Service? 

ECommerce customer service covers everything to do with assisting customers, from helping them make purchase decisions to responding to their queries and concerns. A client’s shopping experience is mostly made simpler through eCommerce customer service. This service facilitates a seamless customer experience while using your platforms and channels.

Because of the rapidly growing demands and evolving trends in the industry, customer service shouldn’t be optional but a requirement to cope with changing times, meet goals, and ultimately reach success. It also helps in establishing a stellar reputation for your company.

How is eCommerce Customer Service Different from Plain Customer Service?

Traditional businesses also have customer service to assist their consumers with transactions and inquiries. However, eCommerce customer service differs in some ways. The most notable distinction is that eCommerce is entirely digital. Since this type of business is online, buyers and sellers don’t have any face-to-face interaction. 

Unlike conventional industries, eCommerce explores options such as outsourcing. Companies usually need to outsource eCommerce customer service and call center training to accommodate multiple time zones and prevent lags in catering to consumer needs. In a way, eCommerce customer service is more reliable and flexible.  

What to Look for in an eCommerce Customer Service Provider 

It’s crucial to find the best customer service provider out there. Excellent eCommerce customer service is a game changer because of all the benefits it can offer.

ECommerce customer service can increase brand recognition through efficient telemarketing, address concerns effectively, drive conversion and sales, build brand reputation, and establish trust. It also entails conducting customer surveys, which you can use to enhance products and services. 

Multiple eCommerce business process outsourcing (BPO) services are available globally. However, the following characteristics make the difference between a good eCommerce customer service provider and a great one. 

1. Has organization

One of the most important traits an eCommerce customer service provider should possess is the ability to organize. A highly equipped and motivated team becomes inefficient without organization. 

Staying organized means keeping track of transactions and conversations with customers. The eCommerce industry can get very hectic, especially those handling numerous consumers. Strategies such as using a shared inbox can help manage customer requests in an orderly, effective way.

2. Understands customer needs

In eCommerce, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Customers have varying needs, and it’s up to businesses to make an effort to meet those demands and win them over. A wise way to do this is by understanding them and embracing the approach that fulfills a customer’s constantly shifting expectations and behaviors.

Adjusting to a consumer’s preferred mode of communication is one way of showing customer care. Some consumers prefer to talk over the phone, while others would rather chat through email. 

3. Makes matters more convenient

A good eCommerce customer service provider should be able to develop websites or mobile applications that consumers can easily navigate through to do simple tasks. Although customers like to have some assistance, others prefer automated self-service. Those that offer the least resistance work the best as these support seamless transactions.

For instance, customers can find their way through easy-to-use mobile apps, from browsing products to choosing and purchasing what they like. It would also help to have a FAQs section to address common queries. 

4. Knows how to personalize services

There’s nothing better than setting up a personalized approach for your customers. They love feeling heard and getting the extra care that eCommerce customer service can offer. One way to achieve this is by giving expert advice.

Businesses that sell products should consider being available for consultations because this can significantly boost conversion and sales. It can also make customers see that you value them, establishing trust and loyalty. 

5. Offers live chat

Another excellent characteristic to look out for in eCommerce customer service is the live chat availability. Usually, this is where it pays to outsource to other countries. Since eCommerce isn’t limited to one country or time zone, it significantly helps to have this feature ready for queries 24/7. 

ECommerce BPO outsourcing services can provide great support in customer care by answering client questions from your website through the live chat option. Real-time interaction with an actual person strengthens customers’ desire to buy. Response time will shorten, and as a result, sales and conversion rates are more likely to rise. 

6. Uses multi-channel communication

The eCommerce industry is continuously booming, so platforms and channels are expanding. To provide exceptional customer service, you should aim to be available on as many channels as possible.

Besides your eCommerce website, there are many modes your customers would like to communicate in. These include email, SMS, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Your presence in different channels provides convenience and enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

You can serve more customers using multi-channel communication. On top of communicating with them through various platforms, you can also market to them. Hence, your marketing approach is broadened and will reach more audiences.

7. Supports customer reviews

Customer satisfaction should be a business’s primary goal. To achieve this, it sometimes takes asking for their feedback. You can gain insights through survey forms and product reviews. Although some businesses fear seeing negative comments, any and all feedback is powerful because it can help you improve business operations.

ECommerce customer service providers who can harness the weight of customer reviews can do wonders for boosting client satisfaction while advancing your business. 

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Customer Service Provider 

Now that you know what characteristics to search for in an eCommerce customer service provider, it’s time to learn how to choose the best one for your company.

Find a provider that meets your requirements

You’ll have specific needs depending on what your business sells and how you run it. Some eCommerce software requirements range from technical and functional to general and administrative.

For example, an eCommerce business in the clothing industry may focus on functional requirements such as web store features, marketing and promotions, customer service, and design and development. These elements are typically essentials for the nature of business.

The best service provider you can get is the one with the experience and expertise. They should be knowledgeable about your sector or industry, including the selling processes, internal structures, and other important know-how.

Choose a company that provides reasonable costs

The cost is always crucial. A wide range of pricing structures is available for eCommerce solutions. Some online retailers charge fixed subscription fees, while others charge separately for hosting partners, support, connector, and license fees.

While some eCommerce customer service providers might appear to have the most affordable rates, they might be more expensive overall. Be on the lookout for hidden fees and ask for a clear overview of everything you’ll be paying for.

Research the eCommerce provider’s track record

Many service providers aren’t legitimate, their sole purpose being to scam companies for money. To avoid this, allot some time to investigate your chosen eCommerce customer service provider. Ensuring they have a clean and outstanding record secures your company and its future.

Consider if the solutions are compatible with your current tech stack

Consider how your prospect solutions might integrate with your existing IT setup and technology stack. System silos that require more resources, maintenance, and room for error should be avoided, as these might only lead to more expenses due to fixes or adjustments.

For instance, your eCommerce website and other business processes are powered and run through cloud technology. Would your eCommerce customer service provider be able to integrate into your platform seamlessly? Or would there be some issues along the way? These are some questions you need to consider.

Check how quickly they can act

For most businesses, time is of the essence, especially when dealing with customers. It’s important to inspect how quickly your chosen eCommerce customer service provider can offer solutions. 

Select a provider you can partner with

Choosing a service provider that fits well with your company is more important than it seems. Besides the good experience and skill sets, the best people to collaborate with are those who share or complement your company’s culture, professionalism, and organizational methods. Doing so will result in more effective and efficient teamwork. 

Finding an eCommerce customer service provider that matches your company is even more critical as they are the ones representing your brand and dealing with consumers.

For example, hiring service providers who are passionate about lifestyle and health would be great for health-related businesses. They’ll not only be enthusiastic in their job but will be able to embody the company as well. 

Weigh their support capabilities

Companies usually have other needs besides the services they’re looking to hire, and these needs vary depending on the nature of the business. Your chosen service provider should be able to meet your support and servicing requirements to guarantee the success of your eCommerce operations.

For customer care concerns, for instance, it’s important to find out if their availability is limited to a specific region only or if it’s worldwide. Ask other questions, like how long it takes them to respond to calls and emails or whether they offer education or provide expert advice to customers.

Use a structured RFP

A request for proposal (RFP) is one of the easiest things you can work on to help you choose the best eCommerce customer service provider for you. Make it in a detailed format, enlisting all requirements, questions, and particulars. Doing so makes it easier to compare your top choices since the information is itemized. 

Choosing the Best for Your Customers

There are many factors to consider when selecting the ideal eCommerce customer service provider for your company. Still, it would be best if you narrowed down your options to choose the one with characteristics that meet your standards and culture. 

Any eCommerce business has the chance to be successful since such industries have become popular over the years. However, standing out would need an eCommerce business to have excellent customer service.
Outsourcing certainly broadens the talent pool and selection for companies. If you’re interested in a call center in the Philippines, you can check out Executive Boutique Call Center. We provide inbound and outbound call center solutions, customer service outsourcing, and BPO. Contact us for your inquiries.

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