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Inexpensive Ways to Motivate Call Center Employees

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The ability to create a good working environment and to motivate call center employees is one of the best skills a manager can have.

It is every business owner’s dream to employ a hard-working and passionate team that is loyal and only aims to improve and grow. In a Philippine call center, it is very important to have this kind of attitude towards work, especially since attrition rates are very high. By hiring the right leaders to manage teams, you will be able to reinvent the culture, inspire call center agents to be passionate about customer service and improve the company though the employee’s outlook.

Here are ways on how to create a good working environment for everyone without spending a fortune.

Praise your employees

It is the easiest to give and everyone wants to hear it. A simple praise from a manager or CEO improves employee morale very much that they’d want to work hard and do more because of it. Be generous with it and give praises every time you see improvement from the team and if you can, do it in front of others.

Hire internally

Are you looking for a manager to supervise your inbound call center agents? Don’t hire one! Promote one from the team instead. Allow them to work together and on an equal level with each other. Hiring someone from the outside will result to a long transition phase or adjustment period and might not even gain the team’s respect. It will also motivate the rest to work hard so he’d be like the person who got promoted.

Share your ideas

Most people don’t like being told what to do. Instead of demanding what you want, ask them by sharing your idea and coming up with the phrase “What about…Do you think it will work?”.

Do not criticize in public

It is demotivating for employees to know that they did something wrong. Instead of correcting them while others are around, try an indirect approach and let them learn from their mistakes. Call center employees are already stressed out from talking to irate callers, the best you can do is find solutions and not blame people.

Make everyone feel important

A call center outsourcing company’s success cannot be achieved without the employees. Make everyone feel as if they are an important part of the team by highlighting and knowing their strengths and acknowledging them at the same time.

Give thoughtful small rewards

Internal contests, small pizza parties or track results displayed on a bulletin board are motivational and very inexpensive.

Share the success and the sadness

If your account or campaign goes well, celebrate and show that you are thankful of your employees hard work. If it does not, realize the cause and mentor the team into success.

The typical call center agent is easy to please – if you are lucky. Make the office a great place to work at by implementing these inexpensive ways.

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