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Types of Industries that Outsource to Philippine Call Centers

Outsource to Philippine Call Centers
Outsource to Philippine Call Centers
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The Philippines is one of the most reliable countries to outsource inbound and outbound call center services. Many companies outsource to a Philippine call center because it provides quality work and is not expensive. A good BPO has a proven track record and solid clientele line up. An experienced outsourcing company is assured to provide clients with skilled professionals to get the job done right.

Clients can hire as many or as fewer agents according to their needs. Here are the main industries that commonly seek the services of a call center in the Philippines.

Service Industry

The most industry that is most advantageous of outsourcing is the healthcare sector. During the early years of call center outsourcing, accounting and legal practices were the most commonly outsourced services.

Consumer Goods

Retail accounts are now a common account in Philippine call centers. Agents handle everything from live chat functions, order receiving and processing, as well as post-sales transactions. Many of these transactions are from major retail brands.

Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication providers need call centers in the Philippines to handle customer service inquiries from customers. Agents also encourage subscribers to avail of additional services, upgrades and even buy new phone units.


Credit card, banking and insurance companies also outsource to Philippine business process outsourcing companies. Through inbound call center agents, these banking institutions are able to assist customers by providing solutions. On the other hand, outbound call center agents help banks and credit companies by reminding customers of their dues.

The industries that outsource to the Philippines do so to have a team focus entirely on customer support services. Not only does it cut costs, but it also assures clients that their customers are well taken care of. Technical support, telemarketing and other services are only some of the many back-office services that a BPO can provide for your customers.

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