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Outsourcing Services in Higher Education Helps Ensure Financial Viability

Higher education, like all sectors, has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic. As increasing numbers of colleges and universities have shifted to remote learning, while many others are considering holding virtual classes for the foreseeable future. In addition to grappling with the practical considerations of developing an online learning environment, most campuses have already enacted temporary furloughs and pay cuts.

The most pressing challenge for the majority of higher education institutions involves cash flow. As colleges lose income from housing fees, dining costs, and other revenues, they are also grappling with a slew of expenses, ranging from tuition reimbursements to refunds for unused housing and dining. This past March, California’s university system incurred $558 million in unanticipated expenses. Other state and private universities have suffered similar economic losses.

Higher education institutions– faced with uncertain futures– will need to restructure their operations to stay afloat, and many could benefit from outsourcing administrative and marketing tasks to a third-party provider or call centers. From creating and running email marketing campaigns to performing calls to potential donors, outsourcing allows colleges and universities to cut costs while helping to ensure their long-term financial viability.

Outsourcing offers flexibility and cost savings

Many institutions are already running at a deficit– ill-equipped to pour resources into fundraising or student recruitment services. Outsourcing services in higher education can help close the financial gap, giving universities and colleges access to a highly-trained, tech-savvy staff, and technological infrastructure at reasonable rates.

With less focus on back-office processes, higher education institutions will have more time and resources to rethink their strategies for effective recruitment, student services, counseling, career development, and remote instruction.

What services can be outsourced in higher education?

Even before the global pandemic, financial pressures have led many colleges and universities to adopt outsourcing as a viable remedy to reduce costs while improving services to remain competitive. Contracting out these administrative processes allows institutions to concentrate on their core competencies. They are then allowed to focus on developing standards for quality education that attracts new enrollments and bolsters alumni endowments.

Schools can take advantage of outsourcing providers that bring the latest technology and expertise to the table. Staffed by English-speaking agents who specialize in different service areas, call centers bring economy of scale.

In many cases, services can be contracted for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees. Outsourcing services may include:

  • General inquiries
  • Admissions
  • Registrations
  • Enrollment
  • Course subscriptions
  • Appointment setting
  • IT help desk
  • Student support services
  • Alumni & marketing support
  • Data collection & management

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