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The Perks of Using Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer


As a sales professional, your time is one of the most precious commodities at your disposal. Your sales efficiency depends on the maximum number of transactions you can make in the least amount of time.

One of the things that sales professionals waste time on is dialing numbers which don’t get picked up or answered by an automated machine. Dropped calls result in sales agents spending more time dialing numbers than talking to customers and closing deals.

To improve your sales performance, you can use a Preview Dialer. It automatically dials a saved number in the company’s database instead of dialing it manually. There are many other benefits of using a Preview Dialer such as the following:

1. Customers’ information is accessible.

In a study conducted by Lattice Engines, it was found that 42% of sales did not have the right information before making a call to a customer. With Preview Dialing, the customer’s data is available to you before the call takes place. Information such as the caller’s history with the company, his previous purchases, his buying preferences and any other personal information are revealed and can be used to make the sale.

In the event when a call back is routed to you, the machine will not autodial until you have reviewed the information about the client.

2. Calls connect without delay.

Sales calls without a Preview Dialer leave a greater chance of delay. Various reasons related to human error such as tiredness, confusion or mislaying of information causes the delay. But using a preview dialer removes the possibility of such mistakes.

3. Dropped calls no longer take up your valuable time.

When the client fails to respond to your call, the machine automatically and immediately moves on to the next customer on the list. This gives you more time to do more calls.

4. Dialing speed is improved.

Going over your list of clients, deciding upon which ones you wish to attempt a sales call to, and physically dialing each number is a long and cumbersome process. But when you’re using a preview dialer, the machine does all the dialing work. This significantly increases the efficiency of the entire process and leads to improved sales performance on your end.

Since sales is a numbers game, better dialing speed makes for a better conversion rate and bumps up your success ratio.

5. Preview Dialers are inexpensive and efficient.

When compared to using a predictive dialer, Preview dialers are a less expensive investment. It also has a higher conversion rate since you get to choose the customer who you wish to call next.

Preview Dialers specifically geared towards allowing you greater control over the dialing process. It presents you with a list of prospective clients and allows you to decide who to call next. You can also use this to prioritize a customer list to have the maximum chance of making a sale.

6. Conversations are recorded.

The information you will gather during the call gives you an invaluable resource regarding regular clients. This process significantly improves sales performance and can be referred to by the entire pool of salespersons.

What’s next?

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