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Philippine BPO: Importance of Blogs in Business

Blogs in Business
Blogs in Business
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It is a fact that before, we could just write long-involved posts about what we did last weekend or some interesting things that happened to us. But now, when the art of social media, specifically twitter and facebook, has arrived, it seemed like blogging is just a minute and click away. But many call centers in the Philippines still don’t know that blogs hold tremendous power that even every small business needs to utilize.

Blogging has emerged as one of the best marketing tool on the web. From the ease of creating to the convenience of interacting with possible customers and clients, blogging has given a new way for the Philippine telemarketers to do what they do which is to promote. Let’s say out of your ten readers, one of them is your lead. This is definitely possible for a reason that you already have a loyal fan base that trust you and are willing to take and apply your suggestions, that is why they subscribed to your blogs.

Each time you launch a new business or service, your blog can act as that medium to reach to your leads. The more you blog, and the more helpful your blog is, the more customer and brand loyalty you’ll be creating. Not every blog post is designed to get customers, nor should it be. But the more people who come to read your valuable information, the more likely they’ll be to become your customers when they need what you have. But until your readers become your customers, you’re building up your brand. Brand recognition is extremely important as it plays toward perceptions which are also passed along. Brand loyalty builds word of mouth, which in turn, builds more customers.

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