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Philippine BPO: Turning Dreams into Reality

Philippine BPO service provider industry practically saved our country from a potential economic downfall during the height of the recent worldwide economic recession. BPO companies remained strong and BPO workers stayed secure in their jobs. It may be noted that the BPO industry in the Philippines had created many job opportunities since 2009, with the contact center sector having the maximum number of employees. And now, the Philippines is the world leader in business support services like shares services and business process outsourcing after overtaking India for the top position for several years.

The Philippine BPO sector needs 84,000 new workers this year according to the Department of Labor and Employment citing a report coming from the Business Process Association of the Philippines. The global non-voice services sector such as financial services, health care, legal outsourcing, animation, and game development is expected to grow by as much as 25 percent per year in the next five years, while the voice BPO market is expected to double in size to US$50 billion.

According to BPAP, there is a strong need to increase the awareness of the country’s potential employees of job opportunities in IT and BPO companies, including those in the knowledge process outsourcing and other non-voice sectors as well as to improve our visibility internationally to market new services in new territories. To address the need of the industry, job seekers and new graduates are encouraged to attend different Philippine call center job fairs to avail of the many job opportunities offered by the BPO sector.

The Philippine’s business process outsourcing industry not just opened jobs to Filipino workers but also gave us hope to achieve our dreams in life.

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