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Philippine Call Center: Earthquake Safety Tips

Earthquakes strike without warning and the major quake is usually followed by numerous aftershocks, which may last for weeks or months. In a country that is always prepared for earthquakes, the 8.9-magnitude brought the Japanese off guard. Yet for all the destruction and the prospect of a significant rise in the death toll, that quake also demonstrated how Japan’s high state of readiness likely prevented an even bigger catastrophe. Here in the Philippines, most Filipino spend time working in their office usually situated inside the buildings such as Philippine call center. So it is very important not just to know but to take seriously the earthquake safety tips.

Inside Buildings

• Get under a sturdy desk or table, or in an interior corner, face away from glass. If notebooks, jackets or pillows are handy, hold over your head for added protection.

• Stay away from windows, bookcases, heavy objects and other falling hazards.

• Drop to knees, clasp both hands behind neck, bury face in arms, make body as small as possible, close eyes and cover ears with forearms.

• Maintain position until shaking stops.

• Be alert and expect aftershocks.

Outside Buildings

• Assume drop and cover position in an open space away from wires, buildings and anything else that could fall and hurt you.

• Maintain position until shaking stops.

• Do not enter building until it is determined to be safe and authorized by police.

• Be alert and expect aftershocks.

In a Car

• Pull to the side of the road, stop and set the parking brake.

• Avoid bridges and overhead hazards.

• Stay inside the vehicle until the shaking stops.

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