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Philippine Call Center: Fast Food Facts

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With today’s fast-paced call center lifestyle, fast food is the fastest way to satisfy those hungry stomachs. Philippine call center agents generally eat fast food because it’s convenient, cheap and usually tastes pretty good. However, many aren’t aware that it’s usually cheap because it’s often made with cheaper ingredients such as high fat meat, refined grains, and added sugar and fats.

Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, but most of the time it is; outbound call center agents often order foods with more fat, calories, sugar and sodium, and less nutrition and vitamins than is necessary. For all we know, there is no such thing as bad food for as long as you don’t have it on a regular basis. Because fast food is high in sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, eating too much over a long period of time can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

But today, more and more fast food restaurants are offering healthier options and new menu items. There are also ways you can customize your order to be healthy for you. You should practice portion control and go light on toppings such as mayonnaise, cheese, gravy and salad dressings. It may seem like a bargain to super-size your order but try to avoid that. Choose water, low-fat milk, or diet sodas instead of regular sodas, milkshakes, or whole milk which can be a huge source of hidden calories and sugar.

Always keep in mind that balance fast food with other nutritious foods throughout the day and make healthier choices whenever possible. Fast food does not have to be bad for you. By making smart choices, eating fast food restaurants can be healthy.

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