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Philippine Call Center Innovation

Today due to increasing competition and accelerated products and service development cycles, innovation factor is now taking the driver seat and playing crucial role in any corporate success. It is necessary that emphasis on innovation should be given by the people at top of the management and process ought to be smooth to get it reinforced throughout the company. Besides that, management should not only encourage new product development but also need to ensure that innovation is taking shape with the consumer in mind. The following are the main trends driving change in Philippine call center and customer service organizations.

This recession is dramatically impacting the role of contact centers.

This is a bottom-line issue. Senior executives and sales and marketing leaders are being compelled to turn to contact center managers for help in achieving enterprise revenue and customer retention goals.

Internet-based social networking is giving customers a vehicle for spreading good and bad news in the click of the mouse.

New communication channels are altering customer expectations about service, even if most companies are not yet responding to the new opportunities. Customers are making it blatantly clear those social networks—blogs, wikis, twitter, bulletin boards, etc.—are here to stay. It’s time for enterprises to incorporate these unsolicited service channels into their operating procedures.

Contact centers are converting to revenue generators.

While Philippines business process outsourcing call centers will always have to resolve problems and process orders, they are also well positioned to sell and retain customers because customers openly share their needs and wants with agents. Contact centers will be given sales quotas and will be recognized for contributing to the bottom line.

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