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Philippine Economic Zone Authority: Promoting BPO in the Country

Global companies look for ways to maximize operating cost and lessen risk while optimizing resources to hold themselves against the current economic recession. This is the reason why many large companies in the US and Europe outsource jobs such as call center services to save money. Outsourcing has become a fast-growing trend in the global market and Philippines has become an ideal offshore destination in Asia for many reasons such as its government full support on BPO industries and the country’s infrastructure.


Bearing in mind the need to improve foreign investment and to be competitive globally, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority which is a government institution has introduced the special economic zones policy in the country. Special Economic Zone is likely to present high quality infrastructure amenities and support services. Companies that are under these zones are entitled of tax breaks, quick clearances for building permits, and an exemption from import duties on computers and telecommunications equipment. This is a great opportunity regarding setting up a call center in the Philippines. PEZA was designed to ease the requirements and problems that foreign investment encountered in operating in the Philippines. This, combined with the renewed focus on infrastructure and land development, has allowed the country to emerge as a competitor in the global outsourcing scene. It has also made it a welcoming ground for companies seeking to break into the rewarding Asian market. Now, the Philippines has more than 788 call centers over 20 key locations according to PEZA.


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