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Philippines BPO Experience Part 2

One months training went by so fast and soon it was time for me to take my first customer phone call. I got scared thinking and asking myself, will I be able to answer all of the customer’s queries because I was with Expedia at that time. And that account was very tedious and very complicated. Plus you have to do multitasking and during that time I’m not that good when it comes to computers. So the inbound call came and gladly I was able to help my customer. But during my first few days at work, I tried covering my mouth because I did not want others to hear me on my customer support calls because I was afraid that they might criticize me. And as days go by and I got more and more comfortable with my work and gained more confidence, I no longer had to cover my mouth because I know that I am saying and pronouncing words the correct way. And that I no longer sound monotonous, instead I sounded perky.


There was also a time and I think it was New Year’s Eve and sad to say that I was working, people started celebrating and they decided to turn off the lights. Wow! It was too dark and that time I was not that good in typing. So I looked for a flashlight but never found one, so what I did is I borrowed cell phones from my BPO office mates which served as my source of light so I will be able to see the letters. That was really funny because I remembered my face all over the keyboard just so I could type.

People often say that working in call center is boring and tiring. But I say it is fun, funny and very informative. You will surely learn a lot of things especially when it comes to computers. So why wait, try it!

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