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Philippines BPO experiences

I never thought that I would ever have the chance to work in a call center. I am not the type of person who is very confident of my English. The first time I tried to apply as I remembered was in People Support Phils.. I passed the initial interview and the written exam with no sweat but I really got nervous every time I thought of the final interview.


So I was waiting for my interviewer to come in, I started praying and asking for guidance. Then suddenly a gorgeous lady came in and to my surprise she was my final interviewer and that really made me more nervous and conscious of what and how I should answer her upcoming questions. And because that time I had no call center experience yet, most of her questions were based on bio data so it was more like a personalized interview. I was able to answer all of her questions and her feedback as far as remember was, “ I talk to fast and sometimes I tend to be monotonous.” So she told me that they will just give a call to either give me a good or bad news.


On my way home, I anxiously waited for the call. And I was on a jeepney on the way home, my phone rang. And as I answered, it was a lady who brought me the good news telling me to get back to their office the following day for the contract signing. And that is how I started working at a Philippines business process outsourcing call center.

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