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Working in a call center isn’t that easy. You need to sacrifice a lot of things. Your family, friends and lifestyle. I decided to work in a call center here in the Philippines for the main reason that I want to help my parents and siblings. Fortunately,I was employed to an outbound call center in the Philippines. My tasks includes telemarketing and lead generation services for three years now. It really changed my life a lot, I have to be away from my family since we don’t have any call center yet in our place. I have to stand on my own feet in order to help them. In short I need to be independent. At first I was really very lonely knowing that I’m alone and far away from my family. I really miss them and there also times that I can’t help but cry. And then I realized I need to be brave for them. So, I started to adjust with the situation. I have no choice but to accept my job and be happy with my work. I started to love my job.


It’s really fun working in an inbound or outbound call center. You gain a lot of friends, learn a lot of things. Especially when your still in training. It’s the best part in a call center because you meet a lot of people, mingle with them and talk about anything. It’s very fun and interesting. There are lots of activities that you all need to perform, metrics you need to pass. But in the end it’s all worthwhile. You’ll be paid a higher salary. I was able to help my parents financially and it’s a nice feeling knowing that I can make them happy and proud.

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