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Sales Call Software and its Vital Role in your Business


There is a wide assortment of options when it comes to choosing a Sales Call Software which can be overwhelming. Each software option offers your business a wide-ranging amount of solutions. Identifying what type of feature that your business might need is a vital process.  Listed below are a few Sales Call Software options for you to consider.

1) Call Center Now by ChaseData

Call Center Now is best for companies with five agents or more.  This software comes with a user-friendly interface, which includes a queued progressive dialing system.  It also comes with a software suite which integrates easily with numerous 3rd party applications.  You can take this software out for a free spin, and to set that up, you can visit their website.

2) Contact World by NewVoiceMedia

Contract World is the leading cloud contact center software and integrated with Salesforce.com.  This software allows you to interconnect your agents with prospective and current customers through a variety of channels, including social media, e-mail, and telephone.  You can access their website to look at this software and the various platforms they offer.

3) Talkdesk

Looking for a cloud-based call center software? Talkdesk might be the right one for you. This software integrates with numerous platforms, such as Shopify, Zendesk, LiveChat, and Salesforce.com.  Having access to both historical and real-time data for any customer, it allows your agents to make decisions based upon recommended information. For a more detailed description of this data-driven software, you can visit their home site.

4) VHT Callback

This software is best suited for call centers with 10 or more agents. It helps you cycle thru calls faster through its virtual queuing technology.  Having a shorter hold time will lead to greater customer satisfaction, allowing the conversations with agents to be more pleasant.  They have proven records of increasing the NPS score among numerous companies.

5) Freshdesk

Using various channels of communication, including social media, telephone, e-mail and chat boxes, Freshdesk also offers the utilization of a mobile app see issues while out in the field.  This software can increase the productivity of your agents, while also identifying the issues which cause the biggest breakdown within your department.

What’s Next?

Having the right Sales Call Software plays a vital role towards the success of your business. You have to consider several factors when choosing the best sales call software for your company. However, one thing is for certain; the software should work for your business, and not against you.  If the current software is hindering your business, it might be a time for an upgrade.  

Ensure you have the right software and mobile app tech support services that meets your needs of where your business is currently, and where it is going in the future.

If you have any questions concerning which sales call software might be best for your business, reach out to us. We’ll happily help you sort through your various options.

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