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How to be stress-free in a stressful environment?

Working late at night is indeed stressful and unconventional to us Filipinos. But for some call center agents; famous of working in graveyard and shifting schedule; a stressful job and a busy working place is conducive for them. They do not care if their becoming bigger or thinner, short-tempered, grumpier each day, antisocial and other negative results of being stressed. As long as their wallet is thicker than their eye bags and have friends who invite them every time there is a night out.


Well, you can be stress free in a stressful and noisy offshore call center environment but takes quite an effort to obtain it. There are call center agents who work very hard and yet stress is not visible at their faces and their energies are just overflowing. A lot of people might ask and think if their taking drugs; but they’re not. They just know how to be stress free and knows how to handle stress. It is just a matter on how you manage your time and how you make time for your self. While Psychologist would say “stress” is just in your head. You can work and party hard but should have time to pamper yourself.


Time to take care of your self by eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and taking vitamins will help you in obtaining a stress free graveyard shift. Time to stretch and work your muscles and bones. A few jumping jacks will keep you from growing weary bones while seating 7.5 hours and just moving one muscle. Having a simple walk with your friends while waiting for your ride or using stairs instead of the elevators should do the trick. It can be concluded that with the growth of Philippines business process outsourcing call centers, call center agents must stay fit and healthy given much responsibility and working in a stressful environment.

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