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Common Tasks to Outsource to Business Process Outsourcing Companies


BPOWhenever you do an online search for the top countries in the world to outsource your business tasks, you will always see the Philippines in the list.

The Philippines is fondly known as the Call Center Capital of the World.

As we continue to take 16 to 18 percent of the total outsourced services globally, we are firmly holding on to our spot as the biggest contact center market in the world.

Why Companies Outsource to the Philippines

Among the top reasons why we are always the number one choice can be enumerated as:

* Massive talent pool of highly-educated Filipinos

* An excellent command of the English language

* High empathy and Customer-centric

* Culture Compatibility

* Flexibility and Adaptability to different work standard, culture, and lifestyle  

* Attractive rates since we charge less for our quality work

Business Process Outsourcing

New business opportunities in the international market continue to sprout, thanks to technology.

As it gets easier to start a business nowadays, companies of all sizes, are getting the support they need to boost their operational efficiency with BPO companies.

A lot of good has come out of outsourcing. Some of the benefits organizations, as well as countries as a whole, are reaping from outsourcing are as follows:

*Increase in bottomline.

*Products and Services are sold at a lower rate

*Gives you more time to devote to core business

*Greater access to world-class knowledge, expertise, and technology

*It creates jobs and helps eliminate unemployment

*it helps the economy

BPO Services commonly outsourced in the Philippines

Two categories are consisting the BPO services namely horizontal and vertical.

It can be defined as:

Horizontal BPO – refers to services that are function-specific across different business types. Examples are Human Resources (HR), IT

Vertical BPO – refers to services that are industry-specific just like Finance, Healthcare.

The most common types of business processes outsourced to the Philippines are:

1) Call Center Services

This is the most popular service which provides both voice and non-voice service for telemarketing, inbound and outbound sales, technical support and customer support.

2) Data Entry Services

This service involves documentation, not limited to filling and processing of forms, data capture and compilation, updating online catalogs and creating database.

3) HR Services

This service covers recruitment functions such as finding and screening job talent; Employee management such as new hire onboarding and training; Payroll services such as compensation and benefits management.

4) Information Technology (IT) Services

Services include help desk support, network and server administration, software development and data center management

5) Financial & Accounting Services

Includes services such as accounting & bookkeeping, account payables and receivables management, tax preparation and reporting, financial analysis, auditing and reporting.

6) Procurement Services

Service revolves mostly on transaction processing support, supplier selection, assessment.

It also includes management of purchasing costs, supplier relationships, and other purchasing requirements.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique provides professional call center services, tech support, and customer support services in the Philippines. Our highly qualified and expertly trained agents can perform a wide variety of back-office processes to support your business.

Some of the outsourced office task services we provide are data entry, data mining, forms processing, e-filing, claims submission, contract processing.

To find out more, reach out to us and get more information about our flexible contracts and attractive rates.

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