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The reality of the call center

The Reality of Call Center Industry
Philippines Call Centers have been in-demand for most job seekers. And I thought that everything would be easy for this kind of job. Looking back, I have envisioned a call center to be some fully air-conditioned place with people on headphones, constantly typing on their computers, with mugs of coffee on their desk and dealing with different kinds of people. I have anticipated the night shift. I thought it would be exciting to be working at night and going home during the day, and not getting into the rush hours with everybody else.


But things have completely changed when I became a part of this BPO industry. It was my first job and so everything seemed to be really new and challenging to me. But I was determined to stay in this job so I get rid of all the expectations in my mind and instead accept the reality of this life. Yes, too many expectations when I started being an agent. However, I had expected the fun and growth, and these are what I got. Other than that, working in a Philippines business process outsourcing call center is just like any other job. You have to work hard to keep your job. The fruits of your labor will be paid off at the end of the day and the rewards are even more fulfilling.

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