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What an After-Hours Support Team can Bring to your Business

after-hours support

after-hours support

The good old days of closing shop at 5 PM is long gone…

Because our present world makes connecting to anyone across the globe possible by just a few taps on your mobile phone, there is now an increase in the need for customer support to be available round the clock. Having a 24-hour customer support team is now one of the “amenities” a consumer looks for in a product or service.

New age consumers are online all the time, shopping for clothes, gadgets, or even ordering food – making it essential for customer assistance to be available on demand. Having this service will not only give your customer’s assurance and satisfaction, but it also makes you stand out from the competition.

With the digital age revolutionizing the concept of how we do business and allowing instant access to everything, it comes with it a certain degree of unease.

“Is my credit card information secure on this site? My page crashed after clicking the purchase button. Did my purchase go through?”

“I made a mistake when I entered my delivery address, how do I go back so I can correct it?”

These are just some of the questions that consumers ask when doing online transactions. It is important to have customer support at this stage to enhance their experience and provide a smooth checkout process all the way.

While businesses do have the option to: (1) provide an avenue for the customer to leave a message through voicemail and give a callback when business resumes in the morning and (2) attend to the call, no matter what time of the day it is, this does not assure a favorable experience for the customer and a timely response from you.

The benefits of having an after-hours support team far outweighs the two options presented.

100% assurance that all calls are answered

In our modern age where everything is “instant,” it is essential to be able to provide round the clock service, especially on weekends to ensure no call opportunity is missed. The more you can engage your clients, the more your opportunity for revenue.

Establishes Solid Credibility

When your customers are assured that you are there for them at all times, it makes them feel valued and essential. Their faith in you improves, and the praises you get will build you a solid reputation with your customer base.

Allows Worldwide Service

Having an after-hours supports enable you to reach across the globe.

With access to everything at your fingertips, your customers, on the other side of the globe, needing assistance outside your regular working hours are assured that they can connect with you wherever they are, at any time, at their convenience.

Guarantees Enhanced Customer Experience

Although our digital age brings with it convenience and efficiency, it still cannot fill the void that only human interaction can bring. When customers are able to interact with an actual, live representative, they are assured that they are fully understood and further enhances their experience.

Whats Next?

One of the brilliant ways to provide after-hours support to complement your customer servicing platform is to partner with a BPO call center in the Philippines. The Philippines, otherwise known as the “Capital Call Center of the World,” is the 3rd-largest-English-Speaking-country with hard-working citizens having the heart for customer service.

Not only will outsourcing your After Hours Support service to our call center in the Philippines help you save on operational costs, but it also instantly provides you with highly skilled individuals to take care of your after-hours support needs.

Executive Boutique is a Philippines business process outsourcing call center company located in IT Park Lahug, Cebu City. We offer a wide range of call center services such as outbound calls, technical support, customer support and office backend support.

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