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Why Small Businesses Should Work with a BPO Company


SMEAs a business owner, there are so many facets in your business that needs your attention, despite you being able to do only so much.

Growth is the ultimate goal for any business. And this can only be achieved by staying focused on the main things that drive the most significant return of your investment.

Product innovation, improving your service, expansion – these are definitely worth your time. Overseeing documentation and paperwork, payroll issues, recruitment, training, marketing – these, on the other hand, are not

As a small or medium sized business organization, you probably lack the resources needed to have different departments running your business operations smoothly. And this is precisely why you should consider partnering with BPO companies to support your business operations.

Office tasks that must be outsourced

So what functions should you outsource? You can start with the following:

Scheduling and Administration

As a business owner, there are always small issues and tasks that need your attention. If you are not mindful of your time, before you know it, you probably have already spent an entire day doing trivial tasks.

Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). With a VA, not only is your schedule arranged but you also only pay for the hours that are handled.


Finance is a critical aspect of your business. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake here. By outsourcing, you get the expertise you need at a much lower rate.


Payroll is not just about calculating the hours clocked in for work to determine the salary payouts for employees; it also involves knowing the right regulations and tax laws. You cannot afford to make a mistake as this can trigger labor lawsuits or tax audits that can cost your company’s revenue.

Content Marketing

This marketing technique deals with educating a specific audience to attract them. It’s similar to  indirect marketing where the aim is not so much as to sell your product, but it is more to educate them about an issue where your product may be an answer to.   

As this task is time-consuming, it is best to outsource it, as opposed to hiring a marketing team which will be unnecessarily expensive.

Why Should You Outsource?

It’s undeniable that outsourcing, particularly for small and medium-sized companies, has made a significant impact on the growth, productivity, and revenue of businesses. The benefits you enjoy from outsourcing are as follows:

Allows you to focus on core business

BPO outsourcing gives you the ability to delegate necessary but time-consuming tasks to a partner company. The more tasks taken off your hands, the more time you can devote to important business endeavors such as growth and product improvement.

Allows you to save on costs

Small and medium-sized organizations need all the savings they can get. The more money they can save, the more they have to spend on investment for business growth.

Allows you instant access to experts

With your limited resources, you need to make every penny count. This is especially true when it comes to tasks that you only need on a one-off basis like designing your website. Not only does outsourcing lets you zero in on the person fit for the job, but it also allows you the flexibility of hiring someone on a per-project basis.

Allows you flexibility

If you an online retail company, there will most definitely be lean and peak seasons.

Take for example at this time when its Christmas season, you may need more people to support your operations. Thanks to Philippines business process outsourcing companies, they give you the ability to hire more people (or less) according to the demand.

What’s Next?

Being in business means having tough competition. But, you do not have to be intimidated! We can definitely work with you so you can stay in the competition.

At Executive Boutique, we have the relevant experience and expertise gathered from working with small and medium-sized businesses like you.

We offer support in customer and technical service, business processes, and both inbound and outbound call center service. Call us today to find out more!

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