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If you want happier and more productive agents, data entry services from Executive Boutique Call Center are an opportunity worth exploring. The mundane, error-prone work of data entry is unavoidable, but it’s not something you have to dump on your best and brightest agents to get a wealth of accurate information into your database. Wouldn’t your agents’ time be best served helping customers and closing sales? Our experienced, dedicated team of college-educated, English-speaking Filipinos are eager to work for you and raise your bottom line.

The Importance of Outsourcing Data Entry

A company’s database holds critical information necessary for interacting with customers, providing better service, and making important business decisions. In fact, 93 percent of companies believe data is essential to marketing success. Call centers are one of the central hubs for data, not to mention a core component of customer service in general. When a customer has a problem or question, it’s the call center that serves as the gatekeeper of information. The data and insights collected by call center agents fuel change and growth within an organization when input accurately and used wisely by upper management. Streamlining data entry gives companies a complete understanding of customer interactions that boosts sales, reduces turnover, and leads to greater efficiencies all-around.

What does data entry do for a business?

Information manually input during wrap-up:

  • Can be used for in-depth analysis on what customers like/dislike about your business.
  • Brings about helpful changes to sales, marketing, and service scripts that drive efficiency.
  • Helps management identify bottlenecks in agent/customer interactions to reduce wasted time.
  • Aids in training sessions with new and existing agents to create smoother processes.
  • Keeps customer and client files updated and accurate for better relationship management and upselling.

Data entry is an area ripe for bottom line savings!

One of the problems with data entry is that, while extremely useful for businesses, it is also one of the most maligned and mundane tasks of a busy sales and support agent’s day. Your top producers thrive when they’re helping customers and closing sales. Yet, nearly 10% of a call center agent’s hour is consumed by after-call data entry tasks, according to a report by ContactBabel. Overall, this wrap-up time costs the call center industry over $20 Billion each year. “This is not to say that all wrap-up is wasted and unnecessary,” they explain, “but this is a segment of expenditure that is ripe for efficiency-enhancement.”

One example they give is that a 500-seat call center processing 5 Million calls per year could easily spend over $2 Million on wrap-up annually, so even a 25% reduction in time would save over $500,000 a year.

One could reasonably expect additional savings associated with:

  • Happier agents
  • Lower agent attrition rates
  • Fewer training dollars expended
  • Shorter customer queues, and
  • More satisfied customers!

Why Businesses Should Outsource Data Entry

Outsourcing data entry is a cost-effective and efficient way to grow your business in a global economy. Here’s why:

Outsourced data entry can be obtained at a lower cost.

The cost of living in the Philippines is more than 50% lower than US cities and more than 60% lower than London. You have the power to provide call center agents in Cebu City with a generous wage and benefits package that is much lower than what you’d spend to provide a menial income for someone in your home country. Not only that, but you can scale up your workforce quickly without additional investments in infrastructure, equipment, training, or technology.

Outsourced data entry is more accurate.

A great deal of human error is involved when agents have to shift attention from one type of task to another, causing fatigue. By transferring customers to our agents for wrap-up and hiring dedicated staff whose only priority is collecting and entering accurate data, you keep your workforce fresh and on-task. Our internal management oversees and runs a quality assurance program to ensure the accuracy of all information collected. Our robust accuracy standards ensure zero errors, with automated error reports, manual re-checking, data monitoring, geo-coding, matching, linking, and data profiling.

Outsourced data entry is as secure as it gets.

We adhere to the highest standards of data security. Security encryption of sensitive data through VPN or FTP allows for secure transmission across networks. We use the industry’s best firewalls and updated antivirus software. On our property, you can expect restricted access to the premises, use of smart cards with log in / log off procedures, and extremely limited employee access to data transmission areas. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are part of standard procedure. All agents are trained in data security and there is ongoing supervision of security measures in
place at all times.

Outsourced data entry provides you with a capable workforce.

Our staff members are college-educated, native English speakers. They have passed drug and alcohol tests and criminal background checks prior to hiring and at random while working for us. Agents enter into a state-of-the-art training program using video conferencing, mentoring, and mock call review sessions to hone their skills. Your team works for you and only you, so you never have to timeshare with your competitors!

Outsourced data entry allows your staff to focus on core activities.

With additional resources of advanced training and technology, you can be sure our agents get the data entry job done faster than your in-house agents would. Improve the focus of your in-house agents by lightening the load and reducing time spent on data entry, verification, locating information, deleting redundancies, and unnecessary manual tasks.


Data Entry Outsourcing in the Philippines: Why Choose EB Call Center

Executive Boutique Call Center in Cebu City has perfected data entry services down to a science. We found that there was much wasted time in repetitive manual tasks like retyping or copying and pasting into various screens. By implementing desktop automation products, we’ve reduced these redundancies to reduce agent data entry time. Every agent has access to noise-cancelling, “clear audio” headsets that allow for all hands on deck, and reduce repetition to confirm answers that might otherwise slow up the data entry process. We’re continually reviewing navigation screen competency to ensure it stays flexible enough to meet your evolving business needs. You can count on your team of outsourced call center agents to work hard for your business as if it were their own. Contact us for a free quote.

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