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Customer service support has and will always be at the heart of any company’s competitive advantage. Today’s most successful companies know how to provide world-class customer service that goes above and beyond expectations, without paying top market dollar.

At Executive Boutique, we share the same commitment to providing exceptional order taking, problem solving, and support. Our inbound call center agents have the training, experience, and willingness to make customers happy all over the world. We work with brick-and-mortar businesses and online retailers from the US, UK, and Australia who want to expand and improve their customer service call center experiences.

Top Call Center in the Philippines

The Philippines is the world leader in customer service call center support, with more than 1 million Filipinos working in the field. Here you’ll find a booming population of young people who speak English as well as they speak Tagalog – both of which are the country’s official languages. The culture is calm, congenial, and customer-centric. Its time zone and holiday schedule make it the ideal location to fulfill customers’ expectation of 24/7 service. Call center employees in the Philippines take great pride in acting as an extension of your business.

Naturally, all Filipino call centers are not created equal. We pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest. Executive Boutique was founded by experienced business executives with backgrounds in IT, finance, sales, marketing, and law. We provide unmatched training, technology, and creative solutions. When necessary, we have the capability to offer dedicated agents who know your business inside-out. Clients have immediate access to account managers, who are directly overseen by the company president and director of operations. With a 1:15 ratio, account managers are supported by a robust team consisting of a training manager, Quality Assurance monitors, and an entire IT Department.

Customer Support OUTSOURCING Services

Executive Boutique customer support services include:

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Inbound Call Center

It used to be that executives outsourced business processes to cut operating costs. While saving money is still a motivating factor, it has actually been surpassed by the desire to increase customer satisfaction.

Consider the following benefits of outsourcing your inbound call center to us:

  • Top Talent: Our call center agents are college-educated and hand-selected to match your customer service program requirements. We can arrange for daytime, overnight, or 24/7 coverage. We offer more value, more sales, and more service.
  • Cut Costs: Executive Boutique is the cost-effective answer to expanding your company’s customer service and telephone order taking. Our experienced inbound agents have the “soft touch” required by all of our customers. We offer small and mid-sized businesses the same high-quality inbound call center solutions that the big names in business enjoy.
  • Trusted Technology: Many clients come to us to take advantage of our modern technology that improves customer service processes. We host calls on the biggest and most trusted global cloud-based platform for call centers, used by Fortune 500 companies. You’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers, thanks to our reliable service that includes voice, email, and chat.
    • Automated Call Distribution: Using Automated Call Distribution (ACD) services, we provide a consistent experience for your callers and prioritizes inbound call traffic. ACD queues and skills-based routing optimizes calls for efficient handling from start to finish.
    • Interactive Voice Response: Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) connects phone callers with a computer database through voice or touch tone commands. The IVR can accept a question and provide callers with direct information they are seeking, convert customer responses into data, or route individuals to the proper call center rep.
    • Cloud Routing: Cloud routing allows call forwarding to multiple contact center locations to control volume spikes, balance loads, and overcome business continuity challenges.
  • Seamless Support: Outsourced customer support services in the Philippines works as smoothly as if your customer service department is on the next floor. Our services integrate with your business systems.
  • Smart Solutions: We customize programs that optimize conversion, raise sales levels, drive repeat business, and help you meet your company’s goals.


We customize our Philippines call center services to fit your organization. Together we’ll design a program to optimize conversion, increase sales, and create a positive experience that leads to loyal repeat customers. Every member of your inbound customer support team understands their importance to supporting your acquisition and retention initiatives. Our highly trained Philippines call center agents treat your customers with the care and attention you would expect from one of your own employees.

Call today to inquire about the outsourced customer service packages available from Executive Boutique and take your services to the next level.
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