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Call Overflow Services

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Outsource Call Overflow Support

Is your business missing out on revenue opportunities due to less-than-optimal customer support? Call overflow services might be your best option to avoid disruptions in customer service at a price you can afford. Few experiences in life are more frustrating than sitting on hold with customer support for an extended period of time. Long wait times lead to abandoned calls, lost revenue opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and bad publicity. No business wants to leave customers with a poor impression of their service, but you may feel stuck between a rock and hard place, knowing that it costs time, money, and personnel to handle higher call volumes.

What is Call Overflow?

Operating in the business epicenter of Cebu City, Philippines, Executive Boutique’s more than 400 college-educated, highly trained, English-speaking call center representatives are qualified and ready to accommodate your call overflow demands. Each business we work with receives a dedicated team of call center agents who work solely for them.

When call volumes are beyond your capacity, your call center partner is here to respond, using the same training, scripting, and expertise your in-house agents possess. You are in full control as to when to initiate the overflow service, whether it’s on a set “peak call” schedule, during nights/weekends/holidays, or using automatic routing if the phone rings more than seven times without answer.

The Benefits of Call Overflow Services

Our flexible agents are capable of fielding customer inquiries, managing payment processing, conducting Tier 1 customer support, live chatting, and more. Outsourcing call overflow helps your in-house team focus on quality interactions, rather than rushing through the quantity of incoming calls.

Call overflow services provided by a third party may be necessary to:

  • Decrease average daily wait times to deliver excellent customer service
  • Service customers when you’d otherwise be closed – evenings, weekends, or holidays
  • Avoid long wait times during peak hours and days
  • Increase answer rates and reduce abandoned calls
  • Allow longer time for troubleshooting and upselling
  • Make time for improved customer support via fax and email

How Outsourcing Call Overflow Helps You Provide Consistent Service

What if a natural disaster knocks your call center power out or prevents staff members from making it into work? What if your call center is short-handed on a particularly busy day, due to personal staffing issues beyond your control? What if your call center software goes down? Outsourcing call overflow ensures that these concerns are a thing of the past. You’ll never again worry about missing a call due to unanticipated circumstances. We are your cost-effective measure to ensure business continuity. We also allow you the freedom and flexibility to offer your in-house staff desirable schedules with standard business hours, while our overflow centers tackle the evening, weekend, and holiday gaps in service, giving you the power of a 24/7 workforce, 365 days a year.

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Overflow

Here are a few questions about our call overflow services:

What are call overflow services?
In a call center, overflow occurs when there are not enough agents to answer all the incoming calls. The unanswered calls may then be transferred to another agent group.

What is the value of outsourcing call overflow?
Outsourcing call overflow is beneficial for business owners because it allows for seamless, consistent customer service, at an affordable rate.

Why are call overflow services important?
Overflow services help business owners capture every incoming business opportunity that comes their way, extend customer service hours, and create more positive experiences with customers who expect short wait times.

How does outsourced call overflow save money?
Finding the time and money to add more agents is one of the chief obstacles to call overflow support. When you work with Executive Boutique, you won’t have to pay for additional hiring, training, workforce maintenance, infrastructure, call center software, servers, telephones, and overhead. Skilled labor is accessible to you only when you need it.


Why Choose Us for Your Call Center Overflow?

Executive Boutique Call Center was founded by a group of experienced business executives with combined backgrounds in information technology, law, finance, sales and marketing. We provide small and mid-sized businesses with top caliber call center agents who are fully trained to meet your standards of excellence. We have served a variety of sectors, including: healthcare, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, non-profit, education, insurance, financial, and online sales. For more information on call overflow services, contact Executive Boutique to discuss your needs.

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